Candidate match game

Friday, April 04 2008 @ 02:00 PM EDT

Contributed by: vglosers

TogaSteve writes:

I'd heard about these websites that do tests to see which candidate most closely matches your views on important issues. I did a Yahoo search and found a whole bunch of these quizes. I tried out quizes from places like USA Today, the LA Times, ABC News, The Washington Post etc. I played around a little bit and found that some were tough to read, some were un-necessarily long, some didn't provide nearly enough options and others were just down right inaccurate as to the actual positions of the candidates...

But I did find one that was pretty user friendly and doesn't require you to join anything. And it seemed to give enough choices to actually mean something and was ultimately pretty accurate for me. It came from Minnesota Public Radio of all places. I'll post the link below. Granted, this is not exactly a timely post seeing as how we are now down to 3 viable candidates, but this quiz uses all the major candidates from both parties both past and present in this year's race. Have fun and see if it doesn't just open your eyes a little bit....

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