Games I Haven't Bought
There are too many games out! I'm not a rich man (I have a healthy family and a nice house, thank you) but I just can't afford buying multiple games every month. Ever since our son was born, I've been waiting for a lot of games to go on sale or clearance before picking them up. Some games, even though they are huge hits, will never get purchased because I simply can't stand them. What have I skipped for now and what will I never buy?

Assassins Creed. Don't get mad at me Jade. I really want to play your game. But it went on sale at the same time Call of Duty 4 did, and I had to make a choice. I fully intend to get it someday but it's just not at the top of the list right now.

Rock Band. I used to be a fan of Harmonix. FreQuency and Amplitude were great games with a pretty diverse range of music. But something bad happened with Guitar Hero - the music. Sure, Guitar Hero was simply Amplitude with a focus on mainstream guitar rock, but I hate mainstream guitar rock. As much as I didn't like to play the Slipknot song in Amplitude, it was fine because I got to play a Paul Oakenfold song in exchange. I skipped GHII and III, and Rock Band feels like a total waste to me. Sure, I could shell out some extra bucks and get some Bowie and Oasis tracks, but none of the songs built into the massive thing excite me. So as far as I'm concerned, I'll never buy this.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Sorry, I'm just not a fan. I know everyone gets hot and bothered whenever a Smash Bros. game is mentioned, but I really don't get it. Some people say it's so shallow and easy and that's why they like it. Other people say it's really, really deep if you put in the time and effort, and that's why they like it. I just feel like I'd rather play Virtua Fighter. Nothing personal, but I'm not buying this one.

Mario Kart Wii. Not having the Double Dash mechanics certainly doesn't help matters, but between Double Dash and Mario Kart DS, I feel like I have all the Kart I need. What am I buying this new version for? Online Play? Meh. I'm not really into a lot of online play. Wii Control? Maybe, but the GameCube controller works great on Double Dash. New Tracks? Probably. And this is most likely why I'll wait until I can get a version without the wheel used at some point down the line.

The World Ends With You. It may be the greatest game of this generation, but it's also $40 for a Nintendo DS game. Yeah, that price point made sense 2 years ago. Today? Not really. When it hits $20 I'll be all over it like Bill Clinton on a trailer park tranny.

God of War: Chains of Olympus. I got 2 demos of this game and I wasn't impressed with either version. Sure, the boss battles are great, but why does the GOD OF WAR automatically die if he misses a jump across a second story roof? He can take a couple tons of marble falling on him, but that 15 foot drop is just too much... Plus, I'm sick of the punch-punch-punch-break-a-vase-punch mechanics. It's a great example of a game that can be ported to a handheld without skipping a beat, but the franchise is a great example of games that don't grow much.

So there's my list for now. I'm sure most of you hate me for not buying into the hype of your favorite games, but where were you when Galactic Wrestling came out, HUH? Why didn't you buy Amplitude? Did anyone buy Zack & Wiki?


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