Video Game Piracy is Funny!

British Gaming Blog has a look at some of the funniest and technologically amazing bootleg carts and machines out there!

The 21st century of videogame piracy is a grim and lifeless scene; hackers outsmarting new waves of copy-protection in a matter of hours, thousands of games streaming to your personal computer via BitTorrent and console execs diligently watching with their finger on the ban button.

But in the days of Gameboy, Famicom and Super NES piracy, bizarre was king. While a Del-Boy esque market trader with a moth-bitten jacket sold the cartridges, Hong Kong was the source. Over in the less honest parts Asia, anything goes – subversive bait-and-switches are used to get a popular brand in your head and a piece of crap in your hands. That PSP you just bought was actually a Popstation, with four terrible games on a monochrome screen.

While piracy shouldn’t be encouraged, it’s not always the dark, surreptitious evil that the press makes it out to be. Even piracy has a lighter, funny side. Read more...


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