Obamary? Hilama?
Togasteve takes a look at what happens now...

After approximately 6 months of primaries and caucuses we finally know the answer to the question - "Will it be the woman or the black guy?" Which long suffering demographic will finally be directly represented by someone able to grasp a major party nomination and not only dip their foot into, but dive head first into, the general election waters? Who has finally cast off the shackles of racist/sexist America and reached the proverbial "mountain top"? Sorry for being so ridiculously over-dramatic (believe me my words are tame in comparison to network news anchors) but I felt the need to give some sort of appropriate send off as this contest had been sputtering along for months. It grew to remind me of a heavyweight fight in which one fighter is badly behind on points and just hopes the better fighter slips enough for a haymaker to get through. It became tedious for the general viewing audience long ago and the judges (ie super delegates) finally stepped forward with their scores after much prodding from the Commission (the DNC and their lawyers ruling that FL and MI would only go as 'halfsies') Read more...


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