Mid Season Baseball Predicitons
You want to know who my midseason picks for MVP are? Maybe who the current rookie of the year is? Or who I think will win it all when the season ends?

With the major league All-Star game behind us and second half of the season under way I'm going to go ahead and make my mid-season predictions.

AL Relief Pitcher of the year: Francisco Rodriguez, Los Angles Angles of Anahiem; the man has 10 more saves than any one in baseball and has only blown 3 saves. Some might want to go with Mariano Rivera and his perfect 23 saves in 23 attempts but I'll take Rodriguez's 15 extra saves.

NL Relief Pitcher of the year: Kerry Wood, Chicago Cubs; I have to go with the feel good story of the NL. After spending the better part of the last five years on the DL he has helped anchor the Cubs bullpen converting 24 of 29 saves.

AL Cy Young: Cliff Lee, Cleveland Indians; He currently is tied for the lead in wins with Joe Saunders of the Angles but has 3 less losses, given up 9 less home runs, struck out 43 more batters, has 11 less walks allowed and a ERA over .5 point better.

NL CY Young: Brandon Webb, Arizona Diamondbacks; Webb started off the season like he wasn't going to lose a game all year. Even though he has cooled down a little bit he still leads the Majors with 13 wins one of the best strike out to walk rations in the game.

AL Rookie of the Year: Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays; This kid wasn't even on the roster opening day. After being call up he has done nothing but produce .

NL Rookie of the Year: Gevoney Soto, Chicago Cubs; He was only the 2nd rookie in history to be name to start and All-Star game as a catcher.

AL MVP: Josh Hamilton, Texas Ranger; I have to go with the feel good story here. A few years ago the guy was on the brink of self destruction and is very surprised he didn't kill himself with his drug abuse. Now he is batting .310 with 21 hrs and leads baseball with 95 RBI's.

NL MVP: Chase Utley, Philladelphia Phillies; I was going to go with Chipper Jones hear but as he and his Atlanta Braves have cooled off I'm going to go with Chase Utley. If he wins it will be the third time in three years that a Phillie has won the award.

AL East: Boston Red Sox: they come out of the all-star break with the best record in the American League and even though they have flip flopped the lead with the Tampa Bay Rays all year I think their experience will pay off in the final stretch.

AL Central: Chicago White Sox: This team is good they have the 2nd best ERA in the American League and have scored the 2nd most runs. I don't look for the Twins or Tigers to catch them.

AL West: Los Angels Angles: I don't think that Oakland has enough pitching or the Rangers have enough hitting to catch this group. They should cruse to another AL West crown.

AL Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays: I know the Yankees have been playing much better baseball of late and the Rangers have the best scoring offense in baseball and the Twins are a team that you can never count out. With that being said this team has stunned everyone this year and I see that taking them to the playoffs.

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies: The Mets have been hot heading into the all-star break wining 9 of the last 10 games but I think they are to old and the Phillies are to good to drop the NL East title.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs: They go into the all-star break with the best record in baseball and as will go into the playoffs with that as well. The only scare for this team is they only play 9 home games in the final month of the season.

NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks: The West is really up for grabs right now but as they say pitching wins championships and this team has two of the best starters in the game.

NL Wild Card: Milwaukee Brewers: The addition of C.C just might have put this team over the top. I think the Mets will break down again soon and I'm sorry as good as the Cardinals are playing right now they are playing better than they should.

Divisional Series AL

Boston over Chicago

L.A. Angles over Tampa Bay

Divisional Series NL

Chicago over Arizona

Milwaukee over Philadelphia

AL Championships Series

Boston over LAA

NL Championships Series

Chicago over Milwaukee

World Series

Chicago over Boston

I know and feel free to call me a homer. I'll even admit right now that I'm jinxing myself, but there is just something magical in the air this year. Its almost like 2003 but without the funny taste in your mouth. Only time will tell.


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