The Geek Savants Episode 72
The Geek Savants is... well... They talk about the world of comic books, including making them (Dave Dwonch is the creator/artist of Special EDucation and Gnome) and they swear a lot. A LOT. I love this show, but be warned that you need headphones if you are work, around children, or in a nunnery. Link and synopsis after the break.

Episode 72: Deep Inside the Venture Brothers

Awkward porn talker… ATTACK! In this special episode Brian, Dave and Super Ugly spotlight one of their favorite shows of all time: The Venture Bros.

Packed with useless trivia, character bios and overviews of their favorite episodes, the boys leave no stone unturned as they celebrate their love for two teenage boys named Hank and Dean.

They even find time to review Hellboy II and give you the skinny on the new DC Animated DVD, Batman: Gotham Knight.


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