The ECW Report

The ECW Report 07/30/08

-Recap of last weeks Fatal Four Way for the #1 contendership to the ECW title.

Matt Hardy comes out and tells us he is psyched to be on ECW. Says that as he has been apart of some of the most extreme matches in WWE history he will fit in nice with ECW.

Matt is interrupted by Mark Henry and Tony Atlas. Atlas says that he knows that Hardy isn't intimidated by the Worlds Strongest Champion but he should be because Henry beat Kane and The Big Show to win the ECW Champion and all Hardy has done since being apart of ECW is lose the US Title. Mark Henry now demonstrates his strength again by bending a 40 in steel bar. Henry hands the bar to Matt, and Matt fakes like he is going to hit Henry. Hardy then tells Henry that they are not having a bar bending contest but a wrestling match.

We see Ricky Ortiz on his way to he ring.

Chavo Guerrero w/ Bam v. Ricky Ortiz

Some basic back and forth action here. Ortiz goes to the top and hits a Big flying shoulder block. Chavo is able to take back over however and works Ortiz's neck. Ortiz fights back but Chavo cuts him off with a drop toe hold. Chavo goes for the pin but the ref sees Bam holding Chavo's leg and disqualifies Chavo.

Winner: Ricky Ortiz by DQ

We see Colin Delaney approach Henry and Atlas to find out why they left him alone last week. Atlas says that they need Colin to do something impressive to hang with them. Delaney ask for another opportunity. They set up a fight between him and Hardy.

Miz and Morrison v. Finlay and Hornswoggle

How many times do I have to watch this fight. I don't even care anymore. Its lost its luster. Oops I accidentally hit fast forward..... oh well look at that Miz and Morrison finally get the win.

After the match Mike Knox (goodie) runs in and hits a big boot on Finlay. Knox goes after Hornswoggle but Finley gets up with the shillelagh. Oops Knox hits Finlay with another big boot.

Backstage Mike Knox said he did was he did because Finlay went from a man who loves to fight to a man who loves to dance with leprechauns.

Matt Hardy v. Colin Delaney Poor Colin, he just gets beat up all the time. Haha.... Tazz said Colin's Missile drop kick is more like a BB Gun. That didn't take much

Winner: Matt Hardy After the match Henry and Atlas come down and Henry press slams Delaney on the ring floor.

That's all folks.


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