The Geek Savants Episode 74
The Geek Savants is... well... They talk about the world of comic books, including making them (Dave Dwonch is the creator/artist of Special EDucation and Gnome) and they swear a lot. A LOT. I love this show, but be warned that you need headphones if you are work, around children, or in a nunnery. Link and synopsis after the break.

Episode 74: Zebra Girl and the Chunky Rump

Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone and Super Ugly and Dave, along with the Daniels: Dwonch & Logan, give you the play by play on their week at the biggest nerdfest of the year. Join them as they tell you the pros and cons of big booty “booth babes,” proclaim their love for artist Nicole Falk, and recount their interaction with the most annoying person in the history of geekdom.

Featuring music by Numic and Super Ugly’s Unified School District.


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