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Santino lost but he has more brain cells than Batista, so it's OK. JBL has abs??? It's about time. Shawn teases a special partner for the main event. Hmmm... It must be ZZZ, the wrestler formerly known as HHH who just puts me to sleep these days. Too bad it's not Hogan. I'd prefer that actually, for many reasons. Why aren't they letting Morrison wrestle instead of The Miz? Except for his mom, does anyone want to see The Miz wrestle? OK. Push Dolph Ziggler back down and repackage him again. Wow. Jamie Noble was awesome in the ring this week. He needs to do some high paced matches with Rey.

Why does Kane pack lighting rigs in his gym bags? It's always red in his room/closet/corner/parking garage.

If you put Kane in a match with 7 other guys, get doesn't suck as completely. That's not a good sign for his longevity.

Rey's mask is on the line? *sigh*

JBL really is having the worst time of his life. At least he has ABS!

Awww... Don't tease a Glamourella break-up already!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Women's Match. Next.

Khaos Kidd beat Deuce. Bye-bye Deuce. Back to FCW with you.

Oh crud... I was right. Shawn Michaels and ZZZ teamed up. Oh, and Smackdown is moving to MyNTV.

This was a go home show for the PPV? I think we're going to see a Taboo Tuesday drizzle of buys.


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