WWE No Mercy

By no means terrible, but not exactly fantastic either, No Mercy comes off as a RAW with some really good matches mixed in with a lot of ...meh.

Matt Hardy (c) def Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas
The ECW Championship opened the show. A buddy of mine goes: "Do you think Paul E's career is rolling over in its grave?" I at least give them credit for trying to have a story and keeping the pace up, but in the end this isn't a World Championship caliber match. But then, the ECW Title is no longer a World Championship caliber World Championship. Matt Hardy comes off looking OK in the end and it must suck to be Tony Atlas because they didn't let him do a thing.
Beth Phoenix (c) w/ Santino Marella def Candice Michelle
There was a time when Candice Michelle was the most improved wrestler on RAW, male or female. Sure, she was wrestling the WWE women's style, but it passed for entertaining. Those days are long dead. She botched a number of spots in tonight's match and ended-up making it interesting just to see what she could screw up next. How about a running dropkick? Sure thing! After this, I'm pretty sure she's going to disappear back down the WWE ladder for a while. On the other hand, Beth and Santino were great and boy do I hope that relationship lasts.
Rey Mysterio def Kane via DQ
I will freely admit that I had about as high expectations for this match as I would for a midget ladder match, and this match surpassed it for a while. There were a couple of neat spots and pretty good amount of heat. But then the DQ ending came and just killed any energy it had. If they had put an actual win for Rey on here, it might have passed for a nice sleeper hit of the night. Too bad they killed all the momentum. And because it's a DQ... *sigh* The feud must continue.
MVP's Chat-a-thon
Here's where Raw took over for the PPV. First MVP comes out to complain about how he's been treated on Smackdown lately. Out comes Orton who says something or another about nothing and MVP taunts him back. Then the 3rd Generation Dudes© come to the ring and Randy ends up leaving after they try to taunt him. 3GDs belittle MVP until MVP leaves the ring. Out comes CM Punk and Kofi Kingston who get MVP to help them rush the ring. Kofi and Punk stop just before diving in, letting MVP get beat down. After a few good kicks, Kofi and Punk jump in and attack the 3GDs.
Not only was there way too much talking for a PPV angle with no match, but Punk kept pointing to Kofi and calling him "My boy Kofi!" ugh
#1 Contendership for the World Championship
Batista def JBL
Batista won. Whatever
After the match, JBL cut one of the greatest promos of all time. He was on his face in the middle of the ring and someone tossed him a microphone. He started talking about how this was one of the worst weeks in his life. Between getting his ass handed to him and the Wall Street crash, he's been having a really tough time of things. But now he has a reason to smile. Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid passed the bailout package that would ensure that millionaires like him got to keep his millions of dollars. He thanked Obama and McCain for supporting the measure and he thanked the American people for paying their taxes so that he could have the money to stay rich.
This was GREAT!
And then Cryme Tyme did some retarded thing about stealing his limo and no one cared because it's Cryme Tyme and the show moved on.
The Big Show def The Undertaker
This is a match where the opposite of everything you expected happened. Well, OK, so you knew Big Show was going to win because Undertaker's been limping recently and be around much. But beyond that, the Undertaker sold poorly and wrestled kinda sloppy and The Big Show worked his butt off and came across like a guy you'd want to watch wrestle. It was weird. Still, not a great match, but somewhat interesting to watch.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) def Jeff Hardy
I actually enjoyed this match much more than I expected to. While this won't be match of the night because a) HHH won and b) the ladder match was next, they built the heat as best as they could. The text messaging poll had Jeff Hardy beating HHH 72% to 28%. If Hardy had won, I'm sure the place would've erupted. They had some great back and forth, some interesting high spots, and a couple of very close near-falls that drove everyone nuts. Considering that we didn't get a Koslov run-in for a DQ finish, the match was a success. Still though... HHH as champion = YAWN.
Ladder Match
World Championship
Chris Jericho (c) def Shawn Michaels
There are times when guys have a gimmick match and you think That was great! Whoo-hoo! but then you get some sleep and you wake-up the next morning and you start thinking that was kinda weak, really. Fun gimmick match, but the wrestling was lacking.
Don't worry. This match was that good!
Jericho took a hit to the mouth and some point and either lost a tooth or chipped it, but the blood started flowing it seemed to piss him off a bit. I expected Michaels to protect his back more than he did, or at least, be more obvious about it. Instead, what came across on TV was a hard hitting ladder match that may even end up being match of the year. And while I'm not sure that there were any new ladder spots added to the toolbox, they picked the best ones and used them in the best spots to make everything work. I don't want to say a whole lot more, because I just can't do it justice.
In the end, we got a pretty good show, but the promo, Rey/Kane DQ, and Cryme Tyme segment killed a lot of heat. The last 3 matches were really the only ones worth a great deal of attention, so at least they were lumped together to build off of the proceeding one's heat. It didn't really feel like it was worth $40, but the main event certainly was great main event.


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