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Hey look! There's JerichOHMYGAWD! IT'S A HOBO WITH THE TITLE BELT! No wait... it is Jericho... Man, I hope this title run pays off because he's taking one heck of a beating for it.

Santino made a sports joke. If I followed sports, I'd bet it was funny.

Man, Regal's awesome. I can't wait for the Noble/Regal series of matches.

The 3rd Generation Dudes© are getting nowhere fast. Can't they fight someone who means something?

Everyone "hates" Cena, right? And then he's gone, and you really see how much he added to the show. The video packages were a nice touch to remind everyone how much personality is missing from RAW.

Once again, Kane on RAW in a non-singles match = not bad.

Not much of a DQ match with Michaels and Cade, but then, Michaels must still be pretty sore from Sunday night. Cade took an Attitude Era number of chairshots. I wonder if that was a "We don't need you, Mick Foley" moment...

You have to pay to vote in Cyber Sunday? I bet no one pays to watch it either.

OK. Now I like Khali. Not for the jackass Jackass segment, but that Kiss Cam was awesome. Although, what is it with Lillian and the big boys? Remember her trist with Viscera?

Were we supposed to be able to follow the commentary during the Women's match, or was the joke that you couldn't hear anything?

So Adamle makes an 11th hour appearance to cement Batista as the number one contender. Huh. Gee, that makes an exciting twist, doesn't it?


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RAW Reaction
Authored by: mandalorian30 on Tuesday, October 07 2008 @ 05:26 PM EDT
Aren't the 3rd Generation Dudes actually 2nd Generation Dudes?

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