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So Shane and Steph turn off their cell phones every week during RAW? Odd. Then who was Adamle talking to every week on his cell phone when he was talking to “Shane” and “Steph”? He must have friends with the same names who “gave him this opportunity” to buy time-share condos or something. And why can’t Shane and Stephanie see the backstage segments? Why did Jericho have to go out to ring to talk to them? Can they not see the backstage segments just like how they can’t see the camera, cameraman, boom mic, sound guy, the lights, and the intern rounding up the slack cable lengths when they are backstage talking in ‘private’?

Too bad it’s live or Y2J’s promo wouldn’t lost that momentum when he flubbed his line. Has he been re-watching Hogan’s run on Smackdown?

At $1 a vote, how many votes will be cast for Rey Vs. Kane at CyberSunday? I guess Rey could get about 20 from his family, but does Kane have any kids?

Speaking of Hogan… Maybe Haas could do someone next week that hasn’t been impersonated by every other wrestler under the sun.

Orton should’ve just done a 2 minute backstage thing with Adamle or something. Killing that much TV time wasn’t really needed.

OK, so… All these heels are the lumberjacks and… HEY! IT’S SNITSKY! WHOO! …anyway, all these heel lumberjacks are backstage waiting to come out, but it’s a secret to the faces, right? So following the WWE logic of how these things work, guys like Mark Henry and Manu were hiding behind speakers and in empty ring equipment trunks so the faces wouldn’t see them, then after Michaels and Batista got the ring, they scurried out like magical fairies in the forest after the humans leave? Do you think it was Cody Rhodes or Tony Atlas hiding behind the sound guy in the Gorilla Position? Oh, and then it ends in a double DQ. Great way to make the match ‘mean something.’

Man I hate Jackass. I used to like the show when it first came out, but it got old fast and… Speaking of getting old fast, Knoxville looks like he’s 60 these days… Oh great, there’s Big Dick Johnson. Could this get worse? I spoke too soon. It did. Now there are two ugly naked dudes… and the BOOGEYMAN?! Crap in a hat! And they mentioned Khali earlier. I bet he makes a stellar appearance too. And there he is. This is why people stopped watching RAW.

A six “person” tag with Miz/Morrison/Jillian vs. Cryme Tyme/Kelly Kelly? If there were any viewers left, they’ve switched to Antiques Roadshow now.

They let Punk win? Good for him. Too bad it was in a way that doesn’t help his credibility at all. Or maybe that’s not so bad because it’s CM Punk. Regardless, I hated this episode.


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