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This isn't a recap or a report... It's random thoughts and reactions
from someone whose opinion you don't value.

Was this the worst episode of RAW in a long time? ZOMG YES! I can't fathom a single person who enjoyed the entire episode. Rey's match with Snitsky was fine, the Miz/Morrison vs Punk/Kofi match was inoffensive, and Santino shined again, but the rest of the show was atrocious. I wonder if Karma is balancing out and iMPACT! has become halfway decent. I may actually watch iMPACT! this week to see.

Or maybe not.

OK, so, they opened with a Diva match. Fine. Whatever. But they plugged the costume contest ON PPV NO LESS incessantly. Remember when they used to do those on RAW and SmackDown? Everyone would cheer, then the ladies would come out. Everyone would cheer, then the ladies would disrobe to show their costume/bikini/nightgown/skanksuit. Then WWE would kill 4 more minutes with some stupid "She got more cheers than me so I'm going to hit her" angle and everyone went to the concession stand or toilet instead of watching. Yes, that's great selling point FOR A SHOW YOU HAVE TO PAY MONEY TO SEE.

Jericho came out and cut the same promo he did last week. Batista came out and cut the same promo he did last week. Adamle came out and cut the same promo he did last week. Oh wait, it's gauntlet matches instead. I guess that makes it an original promo. Nevermind.

I guess JBL vs Haastin wasn't completely terrible as a match goes, but King and Lawler should not fake laugh for 5 straight minutes. Watching it again with no sound made it OK.

Rey vs Snitsky! w00t Snitsky! Squash match to Rey. Good. He needs it. Didn't he used to be a World Champion? I vaguely recall something like that.

Miz and Morrison finally got a chance to do a funny promo. I still think Morrison is the wrong gimmick and Miz just needs to go away, but the match was decent.

You see that Santino? Rodney the Piper's clothes? Goldendust's face paint? Elvis' hair and... er... I mean, Honky Tonk's hair and guitar? Yeah, I want this figure. I don't care if Pixel Dan makes a custom or they sell it for $12.99 at Toys R Us. I want this figure!

At least the 3rd Generation© stars are beating guys up before the matches instead of going several minutes against them. I'm just afraid the Cryme Tyme will go over and it'll be a long feud. These guys need wins to build heat.

And now these gauntlet matches. I don't even know where to start. None of these matches had any meaning. Switching back and forth was dumb - can't they find 3 more guys? The DQ and loss for Y2J made no sense, except for that whole "He lost on RAW so he'll win at the PPV" thing that also makes no sense.

What the Hell happened to RAW? Did all the writers that screwed up the Invasion come back to take over? At what point did someone look at this run down and think "Oh yeah! That's good!"? If I was a casual fan, I'd probably spend next Monday night playing video games instead of watching RAW.

I might do that anyway.


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