SIGH-ber Sunday

No one expected Cyber Sunday to be any good, but did it have to be this bad?

I'm not doing a full write-up on this PPV. I can't. Part of it is the outrage of charging a dollar per vote in the first place, but after seeing the show I'm dreading RAW and will totally burn myself out if I spend too much time on this POS show.

Rey and Kane was serviceable, but at least this ends their retarded feud. Right? RIGHT? This better be the end.

ECW Championship was OK for what it was, but again showing why ECW is the C-Brand of the WWE.

Miz/Morrison vs Cryme Tyme was your regular pointless RAW tag match, but with a botched ending. WHOOPDE-FREAKIN-DO!

As much as I love Santino and I knew Honky was hurt and questioning his ability to do a match, what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks was this? You could've easily done some sort of swerve or angle where Honky goes out early and the #2 vote getter gets in. Sheesh.

Big Show and Undertaker had probably the best match of the night, and it was a Last Man Standing match with 2 big dudes? Weird.

The Divas costume thing was atrocious, as expected, but there must be something wrong with me because I didn't know who most of those girls were. Or maybe WWE keeps hiring worthless, no charisma, former models who can't wrestle and are utterly forgettable.

Somehow Batista ended one of the best parts of RAW these days with one of the most TNA'ed main events I've seen on WWE TV. You know, there's a reason I don't watch TNA, and this is a prime example.

Did anyone like the PPV? I'm guessing that numbers were way down because Taboo Tuesday... er... Cyber Sunday is always a bad show, but considering how bad RAW has been lately and then plopping this show in the toilet just makes me wondering if pro-wrestling just deserves to die off for a while...


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SIGH-ber Sunday
Authored by: homieking on Monday, October 27 2008 @ 01:32 PM EDT
I always like it when the backdrop for the show has a guy that didn't even make the card.
SIGH-ber Sunday
Authored by: DiRT on Monday, October 27 2008 @ 04:48 PM EDT
Yeah. And it's understandable when a guy gets injured and can't make it but when WWE doesn't know how to book in advance...

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