Animal Crossing is for Cheaters!

Nintendo wants you to cheat! Really!

So I happened to be a today, just looking over some the happenings and getting an idea of what people (well, 12 year olds) think of the new Animal Crossing: City Folk. Among the threads of "Do you Time Travel?" and "I need anything but pears!", My eye caught an advertisement...

It's an ad for Animal Crossing. Adsense works by looking at the info on the page and finding ads that are relevant to what the content is. What the...?! Look at that ad. Take a close look. Do you see that feature they are advertising?

Change the time. Discover more. HEY! That's what people call "time travel" in Animal Crossing! Certain events only happen on particular days. You have to play on those days to get special things. Some people consider it cheating to change the clock to unlock those events, while others don't seem to care at all if anyone does it. But this ad is promoting the practice.


So my next thought is that it must be an ad for a strategy guide that tells you all the upcoming events, or maybe for a fan site that lists all the spoilers. Hmmm.... So I click on it to see where it leads...

CRAP IN A HAT! That's the official Animal Crossing site from Nintendo! And what's that down in the lower right corner?

A calendar? Really? Does it show you when anything happens?

It sure does! I need to make sure I find all the mushrooms by the end of the month or I'm going to be out of luck! Or wait... I guess not. I can always just roll the date back to... oh I dunno... TODAY... and I'll have plenty of time. It just seems weird how Animal Crossing has progressed. Now, if only they could allow for some bell farmers from China to get involved...

Discuss it here.


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Animal Crossing is for Cheaters!
Authored by: DiRT on Monday, November 17 2008 @ 02:17 PM EST
Bells are the currency of Animal Crossing, in case you didn't know.

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