Tonner Blonde Bombshell Black Canary

Wednesday, January 21 2009 @ 11:05 PM EST

Contributed by: vglosers

Devall actually got this review up yesterday on and I completely missed it. Sorry dude. Here's his review of the Tonner Dolls Blonde Bombshell Black Canary

The Tonner Doll Company continues to release the greatest superheroes of the DC Universe as stunning DC Stars Character Figures; towering dolls with high-end collectible craftmanship.

The all-new Women of Power series is no exception to Tonner's standard of excellence. Taking the sexiest heroines and bad girls of DC and dressing them in gorgeous evening gowns, Tonner has created a unique line that aims to thrill doll collectors and superhero figure enthusiasts alike.

We have already reviewed one of these amazing Character Figures in the past, Diana of Themyscira, but today we give you a look at the remaining four beauties in the line, starting with Black Canary, aka The Blonde Bombshell! Read more...

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