Tonner Mera, Queen of Atlantis
Devall's review of the Mera, Queen of
Atlantis doll from Tonner Dolls has
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The spectacular Women of Power series of Character figures, the latest in the DC Stars line from The Tonner Doll Company is one of the most fashion-minded series based on the DC Women to date.

We have covered a number of beautiful women that have appeared in the line before dressed in their comic book costumes, but today we bring you a character making her first appearance in the DC Superstars line.

Mera, Queen of Atlantis was once the wife of the now-exiled Aquaman. Created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy, she made her first appearance in Aquaman #11 in September of 1963. Since then she has been through a lot, including being transformed into an air-breathing maiden and then regaining her water-breathing capabilities. But one thing has remained true through the years, she is simply alluring! Read more...


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