Upper Deck Vs. System Vanquished

Thursday, January 29 2009 @ 04:46 PM EST

Contributed by: DiRT

Devall is reporting on SuperheroTimes.com
that the Vs. System from Upper Deck
is being retired. *sniff sniff*

If for no other reason, the Upper Deck Vs. System card game was great because you could finally live out the battles you had always dreamed of. Batman could fight The Punisher. Superman could fight Dr. Doom. Krypto could fight Franklin Richards. Well okay, maybe not that last one. Regardless, Devall and I bought a bunch of these at Wizard World Chicago last year. The system was a bit complicated but we enjoyed it and looked forward to getting more this summer. I guess we might be able to score some at rock bottom prices.

Regardless, it should be noted that they did manage to make Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable games of the Marvel set and those were a lot of help to idiots like me trying to learn how to play a game that 8 years olds have no troubles with.

So long Vs. System. We hardly knew ye.

Devall's Original Post

Upper Deck's Announcement

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