Crisis on Earth 3 & 3/4 Episode 8

DiRT's latest comic strip made of toys is up at!

So I made the mistake of watching Stephen King's The Mist as I sat down to work on this. I figured it would be like most Stephen King adaptations and it might amuse me at best. If you've seen it, then you know I'm in a mental state right now where being funny and/or happy is hard to imagine. Luckily I had the concept for the strip in my head for almost a week now, so it's easier to fake it. But man, that is seriously one of those movies where the last 5 minutes make the entire film awesome (or awesomely terrible, as the case may be).

Anyway, as I've been collecting these Infinite Heroes figures, I've gotten a large stash of QWARDIAN WEAPONERS. I figured it was time for our Crisis to face a Secret Invasion!


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