FFXII: Revnant Wings for the DS
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this unusual RPG!

"So You Never Played FFXII? don't worry, I didn't either."
This game is pretty much a sequel to the Ps2 game, FFXII. It takes place 2 years after the happenings of FFXII. It takes place in a whole new world, Lemures, which is right above Ivalice. A few of the characters from FFXII even make a reappearance so maybe you will get to see your favorite character again =). this game is pretty much Age of Empires meets Final Fantasy (Which I'm sure that's fun into the ground, so let me make it better and say it's RTS meets RPG/FF). The battles are pretty much the saving grace of this game from getting anything lower than the score I gave it. Just know if it wasn't for the fun battle, it would have gotten a lower score.

But the good thing is you don't need to play FFXII to play this game =D Read more...


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