Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Laevatein (posting as Zack Fair) shares
with us his preview of Final Fantasy Tactics
on the Nintendo DS! Originally written
a year ago, this was posted on his blog on Friday
and DiRT, read it, but forgot to link to it,
obviously forgetting how the internet works.

Heya, G1s…and I guess anyone else…how would you even find this if you weren’t one? Anyways I’m your host, Zack Fair, and today we’re taking a preview at one game, and one game only, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Two: Grimoire of the Rift. That’s right, I spelt out every little word, and you know why? That’s just how badass this game looks. I might be just a little biased, but no joke this game looks superb, I really mean it. Just head over to the official North American site for the game and click on “battle system” to catch a glimpse of the sweet footage. Read more...


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