BE A LOSER! Contest Winner 1

Our first winner is none other than Bryce M, A.K.A Daemonscharm on our forums! He wins himself a DC Universe Infinite Heroes Hush figure and his submitted review is getting posted here on our site! And what review got him one of our top spots?

His review of Chrono Cross in which he says: "A truly beautiful game that deserves the perfect score. Perfect is an understatement."Read on for the full review!

Note: My scale is different than others. On my scale, 5 is average, 7 is very decent, and 10 is perfect. for this game to receive a ten, is perfect in every way possible, I never give this score out.

First off, I would like to point out that is truly my favorite game ever released. I've played it 10 times beginning to end, and done everything there is to do. This game has absolutely zero flaws, and offers everything an RPG fan would ever want in a game. Sorry if my review sounds biased, but I love this game. It is not a direct sequal to Chrono Trigger, it takes place 20 years later. A lot of people despise this game because of that. But much like the FF6/FF7 feud, there are also people like me who love both games.

Released in 2000 by Squaresoft, this game would not only be the last of the Chrono Series, but the last game the Chrono Team would ever work on together. Most of the guys now are working on Mana games while the other half started a new gaming company called Monolith-Soft. M-S was owned by Bandai-Namco, but recently purchased by Nintendo. Many fans of the company hope to see a new Chrono game come out eventually.

On with the review:

This is one of the best stories in any RPG. It's one of the few that actually grab your emotions, and at certain points can abuse them. Its very deep, and might require a second playthrough to fully understand, but thats what makes it so amazing. It is one of the few that can actually offer comedy, sadness, anger, and every other emotion. Now on with the story:

You are a teenager named Serge who is transferred between 2 worlds. you go on a journey to find out what makes these 2 worlds different. Unlike Chrono trigger, you don't do any time traveling, just dimension hopping. You meet many characters along the way. You battle with "fate" and the main antagonist Lynx. You have options at certain points that can determine different outcomes of the story. you have many side-quest that can also help clarify certain characters background. this game offers amazing character development, and once again, the best story I've ever encountered in a game. It drags you in and doesn't let go from beginning to end. It also features one of Game informer's top 10 plot twist ever in a video game. Interesting huh? Its kind of hard doing this without spoiling it, but I will say that I went into this game not knowing a thing about it, and it turned out to be the best story there was. you will learn to love some characters, and even some NPC's as well.

It's a turn-based style RPG that uses a very unique battle system, the only thing I can compare it to is card-battling, but no cards are involved. You have the option of attacking or using an element. If you choose to attack, you get 3 options, weak attack, medium, and fierce. Each one builds up your stamina. Stamina determines the level of Magic (or elements) that you can use. You can do all sorts of combos to not only inflict damage, but build up your stamina as well and end your turn with an amazing elemental magic attack. You get elements buy defeating enemies, shopping, or looking in treasure chest. you can also gain elements by using Traps on certain enemies. you also equip weapons, armor, and accessories. you need to collect certain items for building each one. These certain items can be collected by defeating enemies and looking in treasure chests. You can also disassemble old armor for new items that you need, and trust me, to get the strongest weapons you will need to disassemble some items. For every boss you defeat you gain a star level, which then boosts your stats. You can also gain extra stat boosts after gaining a new star level by fighting battles. Battles are not random, you can see them before you fight, much like Chrono Trigger. the game is pretty self-explanitory. Every character has a different element color (or innate) that determines their strong points and weak points. If a character is a green innate, his weakness is yellow innate, vice-versa. Blue is to red, as White is to black. There are 35+ characters to choose from. This game even offers New Game + if you complete it, then you can go through it again with all items, stats, and a new Fast foreword/Rewind feature. Depending on how you beat the game, you can unlock different endings. There is 15 different ones, 13 being funny which you automatically get, but not all 13, depending on how you played. 1 bad ending, and one amazing ending. Which ones will you get? there are also customization options available, like changing your frame, in which you collect through out the game and get some really cool ones. You can also change the text speed, and other stuff like that.

This game has the best music in any game that has ever graced my ears. Mitsuda steps in once again and creates a masterpeice. He is the same guy who composed Xenogears and Chrono Trigger, 2 more amazing soundtracks. The music in this game sets the tone for everything, whether its anger, sadness, or even fury, this game knows how to let you hear it. The only flaw is the battle theme, it sucks real bad. There are even some songs that you will want to download and listen to over and over again. You will hum this games tunes for years! this is by far the most perfect soundtrack I've ever heard. Mistuda is a genious. There are even a few remixes of some classics that were on Chrono trigger. The stand-out tracks are "Dream of a Shore near Another World," "Time's Scar," and "Star-Stealing girl."

This game is IMO the best graphics on the PSone. Beautiful FMVs, amazing hand-painted backgrounds, and beautiful character design. Everything about its looks is perfect. even the monsters look awesome!

This game doesn't exactly offer much in that area, but your first run through will throw a lot of challenges at you. You need to get certain strategies and certain elements for certain enemies. Your second time through might be a bit too easy though. You can do different challenges in your other run throughs to make it a bit challenging. The only thing is that the first time through is the only time you will run into challenges.

This game also offers tons of replay, with at least 3 run throughs. With all the different decisions you can make, certain characters you can choose, and different paths to follow, you will want to see it all. It also has some amazing side-quest that you will want to play over and over again. Like I said earlier, I just completed my 10th play through. You may also want to do the different challenges (IE low armor, no elements, all white innate) to make the game hard and fun to go through again.

Overall 10/10
This is the best game I've ever played. The best story, the most beautiful music, and seriously the best PSone graphics to date. There is not one flaw about this game. The only thing that is tedious is choosing which characters to choose because there are some very cool ones, and some not so cool ones. Theres even characters that you can totally customize or transform into something amazing.

I strongly suggest anybody who owns a PSone, or loves RPG's or whatever going out and buying this game, not rent, BUY. Its worth every penny. Your ears, eyes, and soul will thank you for playing this. Why you're at it, why not pick up the OST as well.

- Bryce M.


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