Hasbro + Marvel = Hate You!

Hasbro hates you. Marvel does too. Unless you live in Singapore, that is.

Hasbro already got everyone's feathers in a ruffle when they announced an "Exclusive" mail-away Nick Fury figure as part of the Marvel Universe line. To get it, they announced that you had to sign up for Marvel Comics' woefully inadequate digital comics service. Sure, you thought. $6.99 for a month of digital comics and a figure isn't a bad deal, but then it was announced that you had to sing up for a MINIMUM of 3 months at $24.99. Very few people find the digital comics service worth the cost, so it was really "Pay $24.99 to get Nick Fury in the mail." It was quite an interesting debate until on its own until something odd happened - the figure began to appear in Singapore toy stores at the normal Marvel Universe figure price.

Toy collectors began tearing out their hair, wondering how this "exclusive" mail-away figure was getting into legitimate toy stores like Toys R Us. Apparently this has happened before, where mail-away exclusives got added to the basic distribution in Singapore. To make matters worse, Marvel unveiled their plan for Nick Fury redemption, which seems worse than the original $24.99 fleecing:

  • Select and purchase a subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited™ from the drop down to the right. All subscribers get the hassle-free advantage of the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Automatic Renewal Program.
  • Pay US $4.99 for shipping and handling ($6.99 Canadian). Write a check or money order to "Figure Redemption, Inc."
  • Fill out and mail the certificate. When you finish subscribing, you’ll receive a confirmation number and a printable certificate. Mail it to the address provided and include your check or money order for $4.99. Must be postmarked by 1/15/2010.

    Excuse me?

    First of all, we knew that $24.99 for 3 months of a worthless service was too much (don't get me wrong, I love digital comics, but Marvel's service the lamest attempt to create a digital comics service I've seen and ignores everything that makes digital comics appealing). Now they require that you sign up for automatic renewal. Additionally, they want you to pay an extra $5 for shipping!

    As if all of this wasn't bad enough, collectors looking to bypass Marvel's overpriced plan will find no love on eBay. Buyers in Singapore are already listing the figure on eBay for $28-$30 plus $12-$15 shipping. That's right! If Marvel's $24.99 seemed too much, now you can pay $40-$45 instead!


    I'm done here. As far as I'm concerned, unless an awesome sculpt comes along, I'm done going out of my way to collect this line. I've never understood why toy companies try so hard to alienate fans and collectors. Mail away toys used to be rewards for loyal customers who purchased several units of a line. Now they are cash grabs for greedy corporate entities.

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