DC Universe Classics Battle For Earth-3

DiRT got his hands on the Exclusive 2-pack of DC Universe Classics figures: Battle For Earth-3 featuring Ultraman and Alexander Luthor and put together a review for!

Mattel's line of 6” figures based on the extensive universe of DC Comics' characters has been one of the fastest growing and highly praised toy lines to appear on shelves in years. Originally created as Mattel's answer to the popular Marvel Legends line, DC Universe Classics digs deep into the vault of the house that Superman and Batman built and often features obscure heroes and villains that might otherwise not get introduced into a popular toy line.

As part of this movement to bring forgotten characters back into the spotlight, Mattel's own website,, features this incredible 2-pack ripped right out of the pages of 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths mini-series. Finally, the world can have the Earth-3 versions of heroic Alexander Luthor and the evil Clark Kent, also known as Ultraman! Read more...


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