JLU Legion of Super Heroes 4-Pack

DiRT takes a look at the awesome exclusive Justice League Unlimited Legion of Super Heroes 4 pack for!

Mattel's Justice League Unlimited figure series looked like it was doomed to cancellation after the show lost its home. Luckily for JLU fans, Target teamed with Mattel to keep the line alive and now gets to jump in on the fun with this exclusive pack of four figures.

Debuting in 1958, The Legion of Super Heroes was originally designed as a way to bring more sci-fi elements into the stories of Superboy, while giving him super powered friends to have adventures with. Over time, The Legion became more popular than Superboy, and Superboyís stories in Adventure comics were replaced with The Legionís exploits. The Legion has appeared in several cartoons and TV shows over the years, but itís the appearance they made in the Justice League Unlimited series that gets immortalized in plastic today! Read more...


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