Kotobukiya SILVER SURFER Fine Art Bust

DiRT takes a look at this awesome Kotobukiya Fine Art Bust for!

The "Sentinel of the Spaceways" and Herald of the Mighty Galactus comes to you with the Kotobukiya Marvel Studios Silver Surfer Fine Art Bust. The Silver Surfer first appeared in 1966 in Fantastic Four #48. A creation of Jack Kirby, the Silver Surfer was actually Norrin Radd, an astronomer from Zenn-La who bargained with the mighty Galacatus. In order to save his homeworld, Radd was imbued with a portion of the Power Cosmic and became the herald for Galactus, the Eater of Worlds. Silver Surfer made his theatrical debut in 2007ís Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He was portrayed by Doug Jones, and sculptor Seijiro Manabe has captured this incarnation of the character for Kotobukiya. Read More...


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