The Comics Corner - Week of 11/11/09

Thursday, November 12 2009 @ 01:13 AM EST

Contributed by: vglosers

Ryan Porter is back with his unique take on Amazing Spider-Man #611, Batman #693, Batman and Robin #6, Booster Gold #26, PunisherMAX #1, and Star Wars Purge Seconds to Die! Come inside and see what made the top of the stack!

PunisherMAX #1
5 Stars (out of 5)
I must admit, this comic was a last minute decision for me. It seems that the Punisher has a new #1 at least once a year. So at first the idea of yet another Punisher series held little appeal for me. But Iím here to tell you that I am really glad I picked this one up. Released under Marvelís MAX line, this Punisher earns the Ďfor mature readersí advisory. New Punisher writer Jason Aaron puts the petal to the floor right away delivering just what you want in a mature readers Punisher story. Steve Dillonís art has become synonymous with the Punisher, his Punisher is the first image that comes to mind when I think of the character. The first arc appears to be a MAX origin for the Kingpin who is quickly established as threat to Frank Castleís war on crime. A great first issue from a creative team that has a solid handle on the character and what a Punisher book should be.
Amazing Spider-Man #611
3 Stars
Deadpool vs. Spider-Man: the battle of the blabber mouths. Iím hardly Deadpoolís biggest fan; I find him more annoying that funny. That being said I laughed out several times throughout the course of this issue. I especially enjoyed the Geoff Johns/Blackest Night jokes. Hilarious. But this issue really just felt like a stall leading into The Gauntlet, which Iím more than ready for after a series of sub-par issues. The art did little, or rather nothing, to help me enjoy this issue. It looked like something J. Scott Campbell tried while blindfolded. Again, hereís hoping The Gauntlet live up to the hype because this title needs to rebound in a hurry.
Batman #693
4 Stars
Batman has quickly become my favorite of the Bat-books and one of the comics I most look forward to each month. Tony Danielís double duty writing and drawing continues to prove effective. Daniel has several plotlines started, so many in fact itís almost difficult to keep up with everything thatís happening. Still, Iím looking for something to jump out and set this story apart. Weíve seen Batman pushed to the limit before. And seeing so many villains either working together or against one another is fun too, but again, nothing new. Daniel has me hooked but he needs to start reeling me in with the next issue.
Batman and Robin #6
2 Stars
I usually find myself defending the artwork of Philip Tan. Heís a very polarizing artist and I happen to think heís quite good. But after this issue I might need to re-evaluate that position. His work felt sloppy and didnít carry the same energy that last few issues did. However, the art was far from the only thing wrong with this issue. Morrisonís writing took a huge step back almost as if he wasnít sure how he wanted this arc to end. What shouldíve been an exciting conclusion was confusing, unsatisfying and filled with too many out of character moments. Iím sure that Iíll get issue number seven but it needs to be WAY better than this to get me buy issue number eight.
Booster Gold #26
4 Stars
I actually only bought this issue so I could get the Orange Lantern Corps ring. But I figured since I bought it I might as well read it. And since I read it I might as well give you my opinion on it. A Blackest Night tie-in, this issue was actually very good. I have a passing familiarity with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle but to anyone else picking up this title only for the ring; DC does offer a great recap at the start of the issue. The Black Lantern Blue Beetle rises and immediately sets out to raise hell for Booster and for the new Blue Beetle. Blackest Night has been a great event and continues to remain solid in this crossover issue. I will certainly be picking up Booster Gold #27 to see the story's conclusion despite the lack of a Corps ring.
Star Wars Purge Seconds to Die
3 Stars
Star Wars Purge follows the event of Revenge of the Sith and Order 66 when all the Jedi across the galaxy were hunted down and destroyed. But a small amount of Jedi did manage to escape the massacre and survive. Sha Koon, niece of Plo Koon, escaped into the underbelly of the Jedi Temple. She eventually relieves herself to the Emperor and challenges Darth Vader. Silly Jedi. Not surprisingly, the battle is short. However Sha, a powerful telepath, sees a vision as she slips into the Force of the event to come and dies peacefully knowing that the Jedi will return. Her peaceful passing into the Force sits uneasy with Vader. Itís the saving grace of the issue to see the first cracks in the armor of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Perhaps he is not as confident and unstoppable as he wants the galaxy, and more importantly the Emperor, to believe.

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