The Comics Corner - Week of 12/09/09

Ryan Porter is back with his unique take on Amazing Spider-Man #614, Astounding Wolf-Man #20, Booster Gold #27, Invincible Iron Man #21, New Avengers Annual #3, and PunisherMAX #2! Come inside and see what made the top of the stack!

PunisherMAX #2

5 Stars (Out of 5)

You could argue that the Punisher is, in fact, worse than the criminals that he hunts down. He’s far from a hero, and takes the idea of the vigilante to a whole new level. So how could such a character be a focal point for so many within the MAX universe? How can anyone possibly see a reason, in this dark and gritty world, to argue on the behalf of this man? To put it simply, because there is someone worse than the Punisher. There is someone so evil he automatically creates a hero out of someone like the Punisher. Enter the Kingpin. The story of Wilson Fisk, the man who would be the Kingpin, is more terrifying than I could’ve imagined. He’ll do something so evil and disturbing that I can hardly believe I’m still reading. Then I keep reading only to see that he’s doing something even worse. His existence almost makes the Punisher necessary. Jason Aaron has created a dynamic between the Punisher and the ‘Kingpin’ that reminds me of Batman and Joker. You read that right. Two dynamic and opposing forces are being developed in this series like they’ve never been portrayed before. This series is off to a fantastic, if disturbing, start and I’m enjoying the ride.

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Amazing Spider-Man #614

4 Stars

The first chapter in the larger story of The Gauntlet has been terrific. I still don’t like the art, but other than that, terrific stuff. As the Gauntlet started I assumed it would simply be a series of classics villains getting a revamp and coming after Spider-Man. And I was fine with that, I enjoy the old-school villains and looked forward to them being used again in new and updated ways. But its not just Spidey’s old villains that are changing, it’s his whole world. I won’t spoil the surprise but the world Spider-Man, and Peter Parker, live in will never be the same after Electro. Again, an amazing (get it?) first chapter that let’s us know this is simply the beginning. Things are about to get rough for our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

The Astounding Wolf-Man #20

3 Stars

Waiting seems to be the theme behind this issue. It was delayed for so long I had a hard time remembering what happened in the previous issue. And once I finally did get my hands on it I kept waiting for something to happen. I was a late arrival to this series and admit that might have kept me from enjoying this more since I had no idea who several characters were. I’ll have to do my homework quick though as this series ends at number twenty-five. Seeing Jason Howard’s art is always a pleasure and his work keeps improving with each issue. However outside of the artwork, there’s not much here.

Booster Gold #27

4 Stars

In my mad dash to snatch up as many Lantern Corps rings as possible I read some bad comic books. Luckily, Booster Gold was not one them. I enjoyed the first tie-in so much that I couldn’t wait to read this issue. Unlike some of the other tie-ins this issue really worked on the emotional level the others were trying for. I remember when Ted Kord died in Infinite Crisis, well right before it, and I remember Booster struggling to deal with it. Hell, I struggled to deal with it and I hardly knew the character at that point. This story is really about a guy who misses his friend and is now confronted with facing his memories and his friend – literally. Emotional and smart, these issues were a fantastic side story to the massive event of Blackest Night. I think I'll keep reading this even without the Blackest Night banner on the cover.

Invincible Iron Man #21

4 Stars

For those of you keeping score at home you know that I wasn’t a big fan of the last issue of Iron Man. While it was meant to be a slower, more emotional issue it just didn’t do it for me. But in this issue, everything clicked. Seeing Tony at his most vulnerable, relying on others to bring him back, was actually quite touching. Matt Fraction shows us how much he has invested in each of his characters, showing Pepper’s frustration and guilt as well as showing us just how smart Tony really is, or was. In his plan to return Tony knew that he would need help from everyone and that everyone would have to come together willingly to put the pieces back together. But for all the ins and outs playing throughout the issue the best moment is, without a doubt, seeing the ‘holy trinity’ back to together for the first time in years. Sure, they’re not quite how we remember them but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we get to see them back in action. I promised myself I wasn’t going to do this but I just can’t help myself…AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!

New Avengers Annual #3

2 Stars

Man, what a let down. After last week I was ready to believe that Annuals were back to their former glory and I could look forward to them again. Then I read New Avengers Annual number three. What a difference a week makes. I couldn’t stand the artwork, maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was terrible. Page after page of ridiculous character designs and bad layouts. A terrible access point for new readers and completely lacking in the promises it made. Nothing really happens in this issue and the big reveal was the same as the big reveal from last weeks Dark Avengers! What a waste, of an Annual and my five bucks.

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The Comics Corner - Week of 12/09/09
Authored by: roosar on Friday, December 11 2009 @ 08:59 AM EST
Great review of PunisherMAX #2. I agree that The Punisher can be just as bad as The Kingpin. Being new to The Punisher, I like the gritty back story behind Fisk and his stint in the clink. I also like that he was willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. I would love to see this presented as kind of a yin and yang dynamic, as you said like Batman v. Joker. We will see how this plays out, but I am already chomping at the bit to go downtown to our favorite comic store (yes, my new favorite) and pick up #3 when it comes out.

Also, Punisher Noir is also loaded with 30's style violence that is on par with PunisherMAX. I just read through that miniseries yesterday.

Anyway, take 'er easy.

The Comics Corner - Week of 12/09/09
Authored by: DiRT on Friday, December 11 2009 @ 01:48 PM EST
I totally agree on that. PunisherMAX has wildly exceeded my expectations. And it sure is a spit in the eye to everyone who said Disney was going to water down Marvel...
The Comics Corner - Week of 12/09/09
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