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WWE RAW vs. TNA Impact

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It’s the second week of the Monday Night Conflict and WWE came out swinging with a special three hour Rawperview. Not to be outdone TNA featured the return of founder and golden boy Jeff Jarrett to Impact. Did the King of the Mountain tip the scales against? Were the Slammies an entertainment juggernaut? SPOILER ALERT!! No, they were both mostly pointless and added nothing to the their individual shows.


Bell to Bell Action

Raw: 24 ½ Minutes Impact: 28 minutes

At least with a full extra hour Monday night Raw gave more wrestling than last week. It is however still pretty sad that Impact gave us more wrestling time. You’d think that with an extra hour of Raw we’d get at least two extra matches. Raw had 7 matches, Impact had 6, so Impact wins this category again with longer matches and more pure wrestling time.

Match of the Week

Raw Nominee: John Cena VS. Randy Orton

This was by no means a perfect match but it clocked in at 9 minutes and showcased both wrestlers very well. The action was fast paced and exciting, Cena’s energy really pushed Orton (who gets a little too methodical for me at times) and the end kept me guessing. It was a refreshing break from Raw’s monotony.

Impact Nominee: Chris Daniels VS. Desmond Wolfe

A very interesting match to say the least. It went a full 10 minutes to time limit draw and was a slow building match. It was heel against heel but by the end there was a smattering of “this is awesome” chants and a chorus of boos when the match ended with no winner.

Match of the week goes to Cena vs. Orton for the simple reason that it mattered. The winner became the Superstar of the Year (John Cena won) and there was a clear cut winner. Daniels vs. Wolfe was a well worked match and broke many wrestling conventions (which is needed these days). Unfortunately with no ending and both wrestlers in the midst of individual feuds, the match did little for the competitors and only disappointed the crowd.

Worst Match of the Week

Raw Nominee: Miz, Ryder, McIntyre VS. Morrison, Tatsu, Henry

What a pointless 2 minute match. Its ridiculous for any match to have more wrestlers in it than time on the clock. Nobody had time to shine, no point had time to be made, the match only served to put faces on TV and the WWE proves week in and week out there are other ways to accomplish that without trying to make it a match. So why do we keep getting these garbage 2 minute 6 and 9 man tag matches??

Impact Nominee: Steiner, Raven, Richads, British Invasion VS. AJ, Lashley, Tomko, Abyss, Angle

At 3 ½ minutes you can refer to my argument against Raw’s match. What TNA did at least was have some prematch brawling to remove Steiner, Raven, Richards, Lashley and Abyss from the match. This pushed heat on their respective storylines and streamlined this match. Unfortunately the match still turned out to be utter trash. The British Invasion are just awful and AJ, Angle and Tomko did not even try to carry them.

Worst match this week still goes to Raw. At least the TNA match had their stars in it so I was interested going in. I knew before the bell rang that I had no interest in watching Raw’s 6 man throw away.

Divas VS. Knockouts

WWE Divas: There was some seven on seven match that lasted less than a minute. All the Divas came out in evening gowns because immediately after the match they gave out the Slammy for Diva of the Year. First of all the match was just Mickie DDTing and pinning… um… one of the “evil” Divas, while all the rest of them stood there and watched. WHY!? If all the Divas are doing is looking good, give me an extra minute of parading the Divas in their evening gowns, it’d be easier and at least make sense that way. Then they gave DOTY to Maria…ahem…No, she was not. They claim this Slammy was voted on by the fans, but I don’t believe that. I firmly believe Mickie James won this and because some WWE exec thinks she’s chunky they gave it to Maria. Here is my argument: Maria hasn’t been around all year except for her short off and on run as Zigler’s girlfriend. Wrestling fans don’t have the kind of memory to vote for Maria when Mickie, Beth, Michelle, Melina, Layla, Jillian, Kelly are far better showcased on a weekly basis. Clearly the WWE is just making stuff up now. Which they might was well because the Divas don’t matter anyway.

TNA Knockouts: Impact had a throw away match 3 team Knockouts tag triple threat or something featureing Taylor Wylde (who is too hot for her own good) and Sarita, against Kong and Hamada against the Beautiful People (who are just plain terrible). It may have set up some interesting rivalries but I doubt it.

However, there was Roxxi VS. ODB. This match was a contender for match of the week. It was 4 minutes, solidly worked and served both competitors very well. It was a strong return for Roxxi (who hasn’t been on TV for a while) and it pushed ODB’s heel turn. Tara even made the save in post match action promoting the feud, storyline and payperview match. Everybody benefited and that should be the goal for any TV segment.

Breaking down the women: TNA will win this category every week until the WWE changes their philosophy on women’s wrestling, or at least women in wrestling. The Divas segment on Raw was a joke, and to be honest I don’t know why they bothered. Its as if they’re in the habit of have the women on TV but don’t care to give it any thought. Comparatively the ODB vs. Roxxi segment was one of the best segments of the week. It had wrestling, it felt like wrestling, it probably should be business as usual for both companies. Knockouts win the week.

What Dragged

Raw: the Slammies

This weeks Raw feature the Slammy awards, a collection of fake awards given for fake accomplishments by fake presenters to performers with prewritten acceptance speeches. None of it accomplished anything or promoted any storylines. HBK accepted the Slammy for Match of the Year, then challenged the Undertaker to a rematch but did we need a fake Slammy to do that? Plus they were redundant, in fact I’ll go so far as to say I’d eat my keyboard if someone can convince me that “Shocker of the Year”, “Extreme Moment of the Year” and “’Oh My’ moment of the Year” weren’t the same award. They did not have to be, but they were because the WWE writers just wanted to pat themselves on the back. Remember, not only did they decided who won the awards but they wrote the moments the awards were given for! Wrestling fans, yes have a willingness to suspend disbelief but this isn’t how we like to do it. And if they simply must pat themselves on the back at least make the segments entertaining. To call the presentations simplistic would be like calling the Pearl Harbor attack a jerk move on japans part.

Impact: Jeff Jarrett

How do I explain this? To make a long story short, Mic Foley hates Hogan or hates that Dixie Carter has brought Hogan into TNA, even though they have yet to explain what he will be doing either publicly or in storyline. Anyway, Mic Foley’s solution to this is to bring back Jeff Jarrett to talk Dixie out of bringing Hogan in, even though it is all written in stone by this point. They’ve spent week building to Jeff’s return making it the single driving storyline in the company and this week it all culminated in Jarrett’s actual return to Impact. I expected fireworks and for Jarrett to declare his intentions and his opposition to Hogan for whatever reason (God knows they could drench up enough dirty laundry from the waning days of WCW). Instead we got several segments of Jarrett whining to Foley about what a mistake this was and wanting to go home. Then he goes to Dixie Carter and very passive-aggressively asks if he can have his job back, to which Dixie responds if you make things right with Kurt. (I guess there was an angle where Jarrett stole Kurt’s wife and kids.) So Jarrett goes to Kurt timidly and expresses his regret “if I did anything to make you feel disrespected, I apologize” were his exact wording. First of all we know Jarrett founded and is still part owner of the company, but he has to ask Dixie for permission to come back. Okay, maybe, they have been pumping her as the authority figure and even shown video of supposed shoots where she is telling the roster she doesn’t care if they’re okay with Hogan its her way or the highway. Wait, why then does Jarrett’s return depend on Angle’s okay? He’s a wrestler, not an owner, founder or even a majority stock-holder like Foley, so why does Angle matter at all? Because he’s a big star. Fine. So then the lack luster encounter with Angle, where nothing happened. Of course he felt Disrespected if you stole his family! And am I really supposed to believe that crazy-ass Kurt Angle would jump all over Jarrett the minute he saw him? Or at least tell him off?? But no, he just gave him a dirty look and walked out of the room! These guys are supposed to be 2 of the toughest men on the planet and one acts like a scolded nine year old while the other behaves like a temperamental housewife who isn’t quite ready to accept her husbands apology! This comes as the conclusion to weeks of building to the return of one of the companies stalwart icons. I can only assume they’re trying to make Jarrett seem like humble and remorseful instead of the raving ego maniac he actually is!

What Elevated the Show

Raw: Having all their Stars on free TV

Hopefully this is pretty self explanatory. Having Undertaker vs. Orton, Cena vs. CM Punk, DX vs. Jerishow, Cena vs. Orton added excitement and unpredictability. They were matches we wouldn’t normally see, not on a Raw and stars against stars is usually good business regardless. I’ll leave it unsaid that most of the matches lasted under two minutes because it’s the feeling they inspired not the end result that helped Raw along.

Impact: the closing moments

After a wholly forgettable main event, AJ Styles the TNA World Champion stood face to face with Kurt Angle, with the belt between them. It’s a good moment any time 2 top stars are starring each other down! Suddenly Wolfe and Daniels hit the ring and put the beat down on Angle and Styles, respectively. They closed with Wolfe and Daniels standing over their payperview opponents, it was hot, and a great way to lead into the payperview. I want to see both matches and now I want to see Styles and Angle get revenge too. This is classic wrestling feuds at their best and THIS is the kind of thing wrestling is missing nowadays.

Final Thoughts

It’s going to get redundant but I’m going to call them out on it every week until it is fixed. TNA overloads their show with hype. There are too many hype vignettes, too many recap vignettes for stuff I already know about and too many promos about the same stuff. In the first 20 minutes they opened with Mic Foley attacking Nash, recapped Mic Foley’s search for Jeff Jarrett from the previous week, then showed a vignette of why Mic would want to attack Nash, then replayed the attack and wrapped up with a promo of Nash saying he was upset about the attack. In the first 20 minutes! If TNA truly wants to compete with Raw they are going to have reign in Russo a little and streamline the show. Learn how to get the most out of each segment instead of get the most into each segment which seems to be their philosophy right now.

Also I have to point out that publicly TNA is promoting Hulk Hogan as their savior and new big weapon against the wrestling monopoly of Vince MacMahon and his WWE, but every week the storyline is that all the wrestlers (except Nash) hate the idea and are doing everything in their power to stop Dixie from bringing Hulk Hogan to TNA because he will “ruin everything we’ve worked for”. This strikes me as an odd conflict of interests and reminds me what happened last time Hogan and Bischoff tried to coexist with Russo and Ferererererarrr-whateva.

Conversely the WWE could easily lose their seat as the top dawg simply because they don’t try to protect it.! The Slammies could have been a highly entertaining break from the norm. The WWE has more then enough talented writers and talented performers that could have turned each presentation/acceptance into comedic gold! Instead they just kind of rushed through it all, treating each segment as if it were a legit award instead of the tongue in cheek farce we all know it to be. If the WWE doesn’t break this rut of same old crap they are in danger of being left in the dust before they know someone is even ready to challenge them. Luckily (for the WWE) TNA is a long way from being ready to challenge them.

On paper Impact and Raw come out very even this week. Impact had several great moments, arguably better than anything Raw had to offers. Over all though Raw was more enjoyable to watch, as usual. Raw clocked in at three hours but still felt like it took half the time as Impact.


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