The Comics Corner - Week of 01/06/2010

Ryan Porter is back with his unique take on Blackest Night #6, Orc Stain #1, Siege #1, Sweet Tooth #5, and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6! Come inside and see what made the top of the stack!

Sweet Tooth #5

5 Stars (Out of 5)

For anyone who reads The Comics Corner you know that Iím a tremendous fan of this series. Iíve read much of this series with my heart in my throat as I followed the story of Gus. Iíve hoped against hope that Mr. Jepperd isnít going to do what I think heís going to do. While the events of this issue shouldnít have been a surprise I still found myself staring, mouth open, at what I had just seen. How can this be? Not only how could the events play out this way, but how could this book still get to me when ultimately I knew this would happen. The artwork, particularly a two-page spread toward the beginning, tells the story so well the dialogue is practically unnecessary. As the two main characters part ways at the end of this issue I find myself more interested in Mr. Jepperd than Gus. Up this point Iíve been very critical of Gus and his naÔvetť toward his situation and now I find myself being even more naÔve than Gus ever was. Itís not often, if itís ever happened, that I refused to believe whatís right in front of me on the page. For four issues Iíve been dragged along being fed only the tiniest bits of information, just enough to keep me following the trail. And suddenly thereís too much to take in. I should be thinking about Gus, and I am, but why canít I stop thinking about Mr. Jepperd?

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Blackest Night #6

5 Stars

(Disclaimer: Technically this issue was released last week and Iíve deemed it ineligible for Top of the Stack contention this week. But as youíre about to read I liked it a lot.)

Iíve had this issue for over a week and Iíve read at least five or six times. In all that time and after all those readings I still canít figure out how to describe this issue without sounding like a thirteen year old girl telling you which one of the Jonas Brothers is her favorite. I nearly squeal every time someone brings up Blackest Night. In this, the sixth chapter of the event Geoff Johns continues to deliver an incredible balance of large-scale battles and small character moments. When did the Flash and the Atom become two of my favorite characters? Seriously. Itís amazing to me how Johns gets so much across in so little time. Even the things in this issue that would normally drive me crazy in any other comic still couldnít make me enjoy this any less. Nekron, who in the last issue Ďre-claimedí all the resurrected super heroes, was barely in this issue. Which is fine since in the last issue the representatives of each Corps knew that they alone could not defeat him, so why fight? Also in this issue, a brand new ability of the power rings is revealed. Itís a bit of a cheat when Ganthet all of the sudden says: ďOh by the way, did you know your rings can do this?Ē But after seeing that new ability play out I was so excited I had to set the comic down or risk its destruction. Seeing the rings new power and those affected by it was best moments Iíve read in a comic in a long time. Blackest Night continues to be the best thing in comics right now and itís almost a shame that there are only two issues left.

Orc Stain #1

3 Stars

In spirit of the New Year Iíve decided to try new things, as they pertain to comics, and not keep reading the same old thing. Itís in that spirit that I left Siege: Embedded on the shelf and picked up Orc Stain #1. I had heard a little bit about it and decided that I liked the premise enough to give it a shot. Itís an interesting take on Orcs and has a unique cartoon like style to it. The art style clashes against the very un-cartoon context, for example, naked Orcs. Really naked. I did like that Orcs, as a race, are too unruly and disorganized to have any social structure, or even names. Itís a good first issue that sets up the world and who I can only assume will be several of the main characters. While Iím not sure if I like it or not I know that I donít hate it and after all, the real point of a first issue is to get you to buy the second issue, which I probably will.

Siege #1

4 Stars

Oh man, itís finally here. The event Iíve been building up in my mind as the greatest event in comics since Spider-Man was bitten by that spider. With bated breath I open the comic andÖhave to re-read the first six pages for what seems like the millionth time. Marvel shoved these pages into the back of every major title and onto every website they could for the past few weeks. Thankfully things do get better but this issue is far from the knock out punch that, for whatever reason, I had been building it up to be. The first shots are fired and Norman and his Avengers along with HAMMER invade Asgard. But of course the Asgardians arenít going down without a fight and back in Washington D.C. someone is more than a little upset at Normanís abuse of powers. Acknowledging that I was WAY too excited for this event to begin this was still a solid issue to start the event, and at only four issues it should move right along. Final thought, is it just me or do an awful lot of Marvel comics these days end with Captain America getting ready for the fight?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6

5 Stars

The tales of ĎSpider-Man and his Amazing Friendsí continues. Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Lafuente do a wonderful job of capturing the insanity that now resides in Aunt Mayís household. Lafuenteís artwork is suddenly amazing to me and I can hardly remember not liking it, even though there was a time I didnít. On top of everything he does well, Lafuente captures motion in his panels in ways few artists can. It really adds a level of excitement to the action scenes. I hope the dynamic of this being a team book lasts for a long time as itís already a lot of fun. The identity of the mystery hero is finally revealed and while I wonít spoil the surprise Ė I was right! This issue that is so much fun I almost didnít realize just how good it was.

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