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Wrestling Radio Episode 62 - Raw is Tyson!

Mike Tyson does Raw and finds Hornswaggle “fascinating.” Randy Orton loses his cool and Kofi will probably feel the brunt of his wrath. And The Miz is still not awesome.

Comics Shipping January 13, 2010!—New RELEASES

Shipping This Week: January 13, 2010

Every Monday, provides a list of comics, graphic novels and other pop-culture merchandise arriving this week to your local comic shop. Please check with your retailer for availability, as not all new releases may be on sale in all areas at the same time.

Politikal Agenda's RAW vs iMPACT! MONDAY NIGHT WAR
WWE RAW vs. TNA Impact

---Submitted by: Politikal Agenda


Monday night, January 4th, 2010… TNA Impact, 7 o’clock to 10 o’clock! WWE Raw, 8 o’clock to 10:05ish! Bret “Hitman” Hart! The Immortal Hulk Hogan! Vince MacMahon! Eric Bischoff! Was it historic? Was it a competition? Was it the beginning of a new Monday Night War? Is the wrestling industry on the verge of a new boom that all of us who lived through the first Monday night war has been anxiously awaiting, even yearning for? With soothsayer accuracy the action speaks for itself… allow me to translate.


Sports Talk Radio - 10 Jan 2K10

Scotty Cash and Toga Steve bring you the world sports like never before!

The Weigh-In Episode 39

Lesnar! No, wait… he’s gone, right? What’s going on in MMA? Let Scotty Cash and J-Raz figure it out for you!

Wrestling Radio Episode 61 - Undertaker is Invisible

DiRT is sick, the Undertaker is Invisible, and does WWE have a long, long term plan?

The Comics Corner - Week of 01/06/2010

Ryan Porter is back with his unique take on Blackest Night #6, Orc Stain #1, Siege #1, Sweet Tooth #5, and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6! Come inside and see what made the top of the stack!

The Hawk goes to the Hall

Baseball Writers of America got one right in my mind with this years induction to the Hall of Fame. Andrea Dawson or "The Hawk" was elected to this years Hall of Fame after nine years on the ballot and will be inducted along with manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey.

Polaroids Are Bad Luck
Frank Black is getting another wave a freaky instant photos, and this time it's drudging up memories of... Another Brother?!

The Back to Frank Black campaign began as a way to show Fox Studios that there was significant fan interest in the return of the characters from Fox's tv show Millennium. The writers, directors, actors, and producers are primed to make something more, but Fox wasn't sure that the fans were still on board to watch more adventures surrounding the Millennium Group. In the short time that has been alive, it has gained the support of thousands of fans from around the world. DiRT, a fan of Millennium and known supporter of BTFB was asked to help the campaign.

Who we are

DiRT's a freak. We're not quite sure what's wrong with the guy. He reads a lot of comics, plays a lot of video games, and is a stay at home dad with 2 kids.
Pixel Dan/ Mandalorian30
Dan's the video guy. He loves to make videos. He also loves puppies and kittens and anything soft. He also didn't write a word of this bio.
Mr. "I'm Too Busy To Write My Own Bio" likes to eat poop.
Scotty Cash
Soctty Cash doest know much about anything other then the UFC and Vanilla Ice. He hardly contributes to the show other then a comment here and there. And Vanilla Ice? He knows everything there is to know about that guy. He also has a man-crush on Tito Ortiz and mistakenly let J-Raz and DiRT write his bio.
Producer/ Co-host of Rear Naked Radio. He is all around Awesome. His Favorite fighter is Anderson Silva and he's nowhere near as handsome as Scotty Cash.
TOGA Steve
A fan of confrontations, TOGA enjoys sports and politics which he claims really aren't all that different, especially when it comes to the drugs and women involved.
Legion is a movie buff. You name it; he's seen it. His favorite movies are The Talented Mr. Ripley, Junior, and House of the Dead. No, wait. Those are his least favorite movies.
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