Comic Reviews for the week of September 30th, 2009!
GI Joe: Cobra Special #1, Die Hard Year One #1, Green Lantern #46, Justice League of America 80 Page Special #1, Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #1

Kotobukiya SILVER SURFER Fine Art Bust

DiRT takes a look at this awesome Kotobukiya Fine Art Bust for!

Wrestling Radio Episode 31

WWE Hell in the Cell PPV was a well performed show, poorly executed by WWE management. What does that mean? Listen in and find out!

Comics Shipping October 7, 2009—New RELEASES

Shipping This Week: October 7, 2009

Every Monday, provides a list of comics, graphic novels and other pop-culture merchandise arriving this week to your local comic shop. Please check with your retailer for availability, as not all new releases may be on sale in all areas at the same time.

The Weigh-In Episode 28

Scotty Cash and J-Raz are joined by some special guests for this episode looking at the world of MMA.

Fantasy Football Sports Talk Week 3

The gang is back this week to discuss who’s a dud, who’s a stud, and who’s a sleeper.

Wrestling Radio Episode 30

Smackdown is 10 years old! How do they celebrate? Michael Cole gets drunk! The Rock appears! R-Truth goes through a cake! What did you expect?

Millennium Episode 316 - Saturn Dreaming of Mercury
Never trust someone with a name that starts with an "L".

The Back to Frank Black campaign began as a way to show Fox Studios that there was significant fan interest in the return of the characters from Fox's tv show Millennium. The writers, directors, actors, and producers are primed to make something more, but Fox wasn't sure that the fans were still on board to watch more adventures surrounding the Millennium Group. In the short time that has been alive, it has gained the support of thousands of fans from around the world. DiRT, a fan of Millennium and known supporter of BTFB was asked to help the campaign.

Review: Mad Monster Party Special Edition DVD

A bizzare, yet fun stop-motion animated feature from Rankin & Bass. And just in time for Halloween. Click through for the review!

It Figures!: The Toy And Action Figure Podcast Episode 18

The whole gang is here today! And it gets nutty! What’s the topic of discussion? Whatever holds their attention! Listen in! You’re sure to have a laugh. Especially at that part about Devall and his love for dolls. That’s the best.

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