Wrestling Radio Episode 60 - Hogan Makes An Impact

Hogan makes his first appearance on Impact and brings the NWO with him! But times have changed and so has Hogan. Or has he? And how does it compare to Raw? And why do I want 5 Hour Energy so bad now?

It Figures!: The Toy And Action Figure Podcast Episode 32 - Moss Man!

Pixel Dan, Killen, Scotty Cash, and even Devall discuss some recent toys news from Mattel, such as the new Moss Man figure and the announcement of the SDCC exclusive being revealed soon. Also, Michael Jackson getting a new toy line? That's bad!

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Wrestling Radio Episode 59 - RAW is Bret

RAW is Bret! The Hitman makes his return! How does WWE handle it? Does it live up to the hype?

Politikal Agenda's RAW vs iMPACT! Dec 28-31
WWE RAW vs. TNA Impact

---Submitted by: Politikal Agenda


I know it’s a little last minute thanks to the holidays but this is the last week of build to the Monday Night Conflict so we can’t just skip it. Raw’s big push is simply to announce that wrestling legend, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart will appear as guest host on January 4th. Impact featured a 4 hour New Years Eve special, featuring a one night Knockouts tournament and the 3 “best matches” of 2009. Which show had a better lead in to the biggest wrestling night in the last 8 years? Let’s let the action speak for itself…


Wrestling Radio Episode 58 - Smackdown the Clock!

Smackdown offers a strong show tonight with lots of wrestling a “Beat The Clock Challenge” themed show!

Rear Naked Radio Episode 38

Scotty Cash is MIA this week and J-Raz is joined by Politikal Agenda to talk MMA and run down UFC 108!

The Comics Corner - 2009 In Review!

Diamond may be taking the week off from distributing comics but fear not, The Comics Corner is still here! With no reviews to do, well there is one but we’ll get to that later, this week I thought I’d countdown my favorite story lines from the past year. So without further delay here are my picks for the Top 9 Stories of 2009!

It Figures!: The Toy And Action Figure Podcast Episode 31

Pixel Dan, Devall, and Killen are hanging out this week to discuss the awesome swag they got for Christmas, and their thoughts on the best and the worst toys of 2009!

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Wrestling Radio Episode 57 - RAW Announces Bret

Monday Night Raw announces the return of Bret Hart and feels like 1997 again! Plus, what happened to Smackdown?

Comics Shipping December 30, 2009—New RELEASES

Shipping This Week: December 30, 2009

NOTHING! That's right, this is a "skip week" as the holidays wouldn't allow for decent shipping to stores around the country. A few retailers will have advance copies of Blackest Night #6 in stock, but those are few and far between. The rest of them will have it next Wednesday with the regular shipment.

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