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PODCAST - Wizard World Chicago 2008
We still sometimes call it the Chicago ComiCon, but we spent Friday at Wizard World Chicago. Taking a break at lunch to cool off in the car, and returning to recording during the drive home, we recorded this podcast discussing the show and the myriad of things we did for the 5 different websites we were representing there.

VGLosers at Wizard Word Chicago!
We're going to be at Wizard World Chicago this year, and I will have some variant covers with me to give away!

The Board is Back!
Our message board has returned!

M.I.A. - Our Fourm!
Conforums has apparently disappeared...

Crisis in Orbit: Space-Station Toilet Breaks Down

This is too good not to share...

Stride Gum hates Uwe Boll too!
The Makers of Stride, The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum(R), Offer A Total of One Million Packs of Gum to Signers of the Anti-Uwe Boll Petition

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