DiRT's Daily 21JUL2K9 - Comics Reviews!

Batgirl #1, Blackest Night Superman #1, The Punisher Frank Castle Max #73, Daredevil #500, Archie #600, Days Missing #1

DiRT's Daily 14AUG2K9 - Comic Reviews!

DiRT takes a look at Blackest Night #1, Blackest Night Batman #1, Green Lantern Corps #39, Red Robin #3, Deadpool #13, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, GI Joe #8, and The Walking Dead #64!

DiRT's Daily 11AUG2K9 - The Marvels Project

Marvel turns 70! YAY! And here's a look at The Marvels Project #1!

DiRT's Daily 07AUG2K9 - Comic Reviews!

DiRT takes a look at Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire #1, Captain America Reborn #2, Red Circle: The Hangman One-Shot, Superman: World of New Krypton #6, Irredeemable #5, Absolution #1, and Chew #3!

DiRT's Daily 31JUL2K9 - Comic Reviews

DiRT takes a look at some of the books that came out this week. There's some to grab and some to avoid. Find out which is which!

DiRT's Daily 23JUL2K9 - Birthday Books

DiRT got a Barnes & Noble giftcard for his birthday and picked up some great books about comics!

DiRT's Daily 17JUL2K9 - Blackest Night #1

Introducing DiRT's Daily! This is DiRT's new video blog series that will feature a new entry EVERY DAY! From comic books to video games to wrestling to toys, DiRT is going to tackling everything in short 2-5 minutes videos! Today DiRT is taking a look at Blackest Night #1!

DiRT's Comic Rant! July 10th, 2009

A new comic released this week hasn't made DiRT very happy. In fact, he's calling it the "Big, Fat Failure Turtle of the Summer." Which book could possibly cheese him off this much?

From Pixels to Paper - Resistance!

DiRT kicks off his new show with a video game to comic book series you should be reading - Resistance!

Detective Comics 853
DiRT's review of Detective Comics 853 has
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