DiRT's Daily 24JUL2K9 - Collecting Games

DiRT is a Metal Gear freak and feels the need to buy the same game over and over.

Animal Crossing is for Cheaters!

Nintendo wants you to cheat! Really!

IGN: History of Star Wars Games

New Batman Game!

Game Informer reveals a new Batman game... from Eidos?!?!

The Wizard! actually has a Retro section, and it's actually pretty good. They recently posted a feature on Mandalorian30/Pixel Dan's favorite movie of all time... The Wizard!

Metal Gear Retrospective - What It All Means
The final installment is here, and this is for the uber-nerds! How about a linear run-down of the complete saga and a full explanation of the plot? ooooh yeah!

Metal Gear Retrospective has created a 5 part retrospective of the Metal Gear franchise that is top notch. Check out all 5 installments, collected here just for you!

Video Game Piracy is Funny!

British Gaming Blog has a look at some of the funniest and technologically amazing bootleg carts and machines out there!

Games I Haven't Bought
There are too many games out! I'm not a rich man (I have a healthy family and a nice house, thank you) but I just can't afford buying multiple games every month. Ever since our son was born, I've been waiting for a lot of games to go on sale or clearance before picking them up. Some games, even though they are huge hits, will never get purchased because I simply can't stand them. What have I skipped for now and what will I never buy?

Surpasses One Million Paid Downloads in First Nine Days

Fish Pole for Nintendo Wii
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