The Best of Dr. Katz
DiRT's review of The Best of Dr. Katz DVD
has been posted at!

Futurama: Bender's Game
DiRT takes a look at the bonus feature packed DVD of Futurama: Bender's Game for!

Incredible Hulk Blu-Ray Review
Devall has a review of the new Incredible Hulk Blu-Ray release at!

Iron Man DVD Review!
Devall got his hands on the Iron Man 2 Disc DVD and takes a look at the goodies inside!

Watchmen Me Going Crazy!
Even though Devall gave DiRT all the credit, the two of them have worked on a piece for that attempts to unravel the mystery behind Fox's apparent mad grab for the rights to Warner Bros. upcoming Watchmen movie. Can Fox really even have a case here?

Review: The Clone Wars
Pixel Dan attended an early screening of the new Star Wars flick. Does it live up to the Star Wars name?

The X-Files: Oh Dear God Why?

REVIEW 2: The Dark Knight

Legion chimes in with his less than completely satisfied review:

The Wait is Over, the Hype Continues, the Movie Lives Up… More or Less

REVIEW: The Dark Knight

Devall got to see The Dark Knight and posted his review at!

Riddle Me This...
Word on the street is that The Riddler will be the villain in the next movie in the Batman franchise. Who would you cast in the role?

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