Health Care Debate - Definitions of Major Terms
The Health Care debate has reached a boiling point over the last several weeks. This has led to alot of emotional outbursts from the general public. I don't think its an overstatement to say that this is the single biggest domestic issue in most of our lifetimes, since its effects would be directly felt by every single American in one way or another. What I'm going to try to do here is provide some basic definitions and explanations on some terms that may be a bit confusing to people who have never worked in the industry and aren't too sure what to believe in all of this. I'll try to explain these terms as simply as possible. Please let me know if there's anything you want defined or any single aspect of the proposals you want to discuss. Keep it civil - I hope this is one area where people can discuss differences of opinion without name calling and hysterics. I'm not even going to call anyone a Nazi - how refreshing!

Why Sarah Why?
In a move that came way out of left field, Sarah Palin announced that not only would she not seek re-election as Governor of Alaska, she is not going to fill out her current term and will resign effective at the end of the month. To make such a huge announcement during the low media holiday weekend has led every pundit to either one of two conclusions - she's either afraid of a late-breaking scandal or she's going full bore into challenging Obama in 2012. There are arguments to be made on both sides. There's just one problem - both sides are completely and totally wrong about what Sarah's doing. Read on for the real story - remember you saw it here first folks.

Bye *Bleepin* Bye Blago
Even the feds acknowledge that the level of corruption in Illinois is historic.

We're #1! We're #1! We're #1!

Update on the Political Scene / 1st Debate Recap
After an unprecedented number of requests to address recent developments (the bailout, the debates) I'm making this post. Okay so "unprecedented" equalled two direct requests, but its more than I've ever gotten before. I'm going to try my best to explain what's being kicked around in Washington right now (without requiring readers to hold an economics degree to understand), as well as what happened when the candidates squared off on Friday night. I'll describe their answers to the main questions as well as what main themes emerged. I'll also give my impressions on what this all may mean going forward. This is a lot of ground to cover so be prepared for a lengthy read.

Update on the Political Scene
The conventions are done, the tickets are set. Just 48 days left. So what's happened lately and what is still yet to come?

The Candidates Debate - Kinda Sorta
On Saturday evening John McCain and Barack Obama participated in a very unique setting called "The Saddleback Forum" at the Saddleback Church in California. The basic format was that each candidate sat down for a one on one, almost job interview-like, Q&A with the host - Saddleback pastor Rick Warren in front of a live audience comprised of the church's congregation. The first candidate would answer the list of questions while the second candidate would be in some sort of an isolation room so as not to be able to hear the questions and the answers provided by his opponent in advance. And no, there was no Family Feud style buzzer for duplicated answers - not that they would have needed one anyway. Just a warning for readers - I haven't posted in awhile so this one is pretty long even for me.

Obamary? Hilama?
Togasteve takes a look at what happens now...

Candidate match game
TogaSteve writes:

I'd heard about these websites that do tests to see which candidate most closely matches your views on important issues. I did a Yahoo search and found a whole bunch of these quizes. I tried out quizes from places like USA Today, the LA Times, ABC News, The Washington Post etc. I played around a little bit and found that some were tough to read, some were un-necessarily long, some didn't provide nearly enough options and others were just down right inaccurate as to the actual positions of the candidates...

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