The Way it Should Be a College Football Playoff

My look at college football and bowl games. WE WANT A PLAYOFF!!!

Top Ten College Football Thoughts - Week 4
After a week off, I'm back with another installment of the top 10 things I noticed this week in College Football

Top Ten College Football Thoughts - Week 2
2nd edition of the Top Ten Things that caught my eye this week in College Football

Top Ten College Football Thoughts - Week 1
Waiting for the College season nearly killed me this year with all the hype surrounding how great this year is supposed to be. I've heard months worth of how most of the traditional powers were going to have their best teams in years. I've heard the Heisman hype, the Conference races, the BCS predictions, the underdog teams to watch, the coaching carousel - all of it. But we're finally through the long 7 month offseason and real games that count kicked off on Thursday. Of course we're still a few weeks away from big slates of major games, but these all go down in the record books just the same. There was plenty to see this weekend and plenty for me to write about. Here's the Top Ten things that caught my attention. I'm going to do my best to make this a weekly feature.

Olympic Review
The 29th Olympiad has come and gone. It was clear from the start that there were two categories to these games in terms of US viewer interest - "Michael Phelps" and "other". But whether your interest was high or low in these Games, there were alot of interesting things (good and bad) that transpired in Beijing these past few weeks. Here's a recap of the major events (from an admittingly jingoistic US perspective).

The Week In Sports in 100 Words or Less July 21 - 27

Random Thoughts
I'm trying out a new concept here. Rather than going in depth on one particular topic, I'm just going to do some quick hitting thoughts about topics in sports and in politics. Surprisingly there are plenty of goofy little stories going on in sports right now so I'll just stick to that for now.

The Week in Sports in 100 Words of Less

Mid Season Baseball Predicitons
You want to know who my midseason picks for MVP are? Maybe who the current rookie of the year is? Or who I think will win it all when the season ends?

2008 MLB All-Star Game Report
Better late than never right???

The 2008 All-Star game came to us this year from New York City at Yankee Stadium. This will be the 4th and last time that the All-Star game will originate from Yankee Stadium as after the season is over it will be torn down to make room for a new state-of-the-art $1.8 billion facility.

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