The Week in Sports 07/07- 07/13

Friday the 13th - Camp Green Bay

In true Jason Voorhees form, Brett Favre and the legacy attached to him just will not stay dead for too long. The rumors are that Favre has pulled himself out of the grave, picked up his weapon of choice (a pigskin rather than a machete) and wants to wreak more havoc. Favre's family is now playing the role of the surviving teenagers after the last bloodbath (He's still out there I tell you!) and Packers GM Ted Thompson is playing the role of the fat apathetic sheriff refusing to end his vacation to deal with wild rumors about a guy who he KNOWS is already dead. Sure Jason never called a teary eyed press conference to say he knows he can still kill sex crazed teenagers but that he's already given it all he has and he's hanging up his machete, but work with me here (and wouldn't that have been a fun movie?). I don't promise perfect analogies, but there's definitely something here....

The Week in Sports in 100 Words or Less (06/29 - 07/06)

The Week in Sports in 100 Words or Less (06/29 - 07/06)

The Week In Sports in 100 Words or Less (06/23-29)

The Week in Sports in 100 Words or Less (06/23-29)

FREE TODAY: May 27 Bryan & Vinny Show~!
It's the FREE Tuesday Bryan & Vinny Show~! From, here's a podcast covering what happened last night on RAW. Note: they use language not safe without headphones. ;)

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