It Figures: The Toy and Action Figure Podcast! Episode 14

Pixel Dan sits down to talk about how he feels about Transformers toys, comparing the current models to the original. He even tosses in some GI Joe discussion for good measure.

DiRT's Daily 01SEP2K9 - Classic WWE Superstars SHOCKMASTER!

The Shockmaster is one of the most infamous characters of all time simply for being such an epic fail. But does the figure from Jakks Pacific fare any better?

Review: SDCC Transformers 25th Anniversary Soundwave

Pixel Dan takes a look at one of the coolest SDCC exclusives this year: the Transformers 25th Anniversary Soundwave reissue!

Review: SDCC Wonder Twins with Gleek

Pixel Dan has a review of the SDCC exclusive version of the DC Universe Wonder Twins with Gleek!

DiRT's Daily 27AUG2K9 - Marvel Handful of Heroes!

M.U.S.C.L.E. + Marvel Comic Book Characters = DiRT in love!

DiRT's Daily 26AUG2K9 - MU Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends 3pk

DiRT finishes off the Marvel Universe 3 packs with this set featuring Spider-Man, Firestar, and Iceman!

It Figures: The Toy and Action Figure Podcast! Episode 13

Pixel Dan and Scotty Cash discuss some of the new stuff hitting stores now. Did you know there were new Jurassic Park toys? Crazy!

DiRT's Daily 25AUG2K9 - Marvel Universe 70th Anniv. 3-pack

This Toys R Us exclusive 3 pack contains variants of DareDevil, Iron Man, and The Silver Surfer. Are they worth your dollars?

DiRT's Daily 20AUG2K9 - Infinite Heroes Crisis 4 Pack!

DiRT takes a t look at the exclusive 4-pack!

MOTUC Webstor Review

Pixel Dan reviews MOTUC Webstor for!

DiRT's Daily 19AUG2K9 - The Dead - The Babysitter!

Sideshow's zombie "The Dead" line brings us Subject 1025 - The Babysitter!

It Figures: The Toy and Action Figure Podcast! Episode 12

Scotty, Pixel Dan, and Devall donít have a topic. So they just talk. They talk about toys and playsets and Webstor and My Little Pony. We probably wonít have any listeners after this episode.

DiRT's Daily 18AUG2K9 - Terminator 2 Mini Mates

DiRT's a sci-fi geek! And he's a dork for mini figures! Is this his nerd Nirvana?

DiRT's Daily 17AUG2K9 - MU Soldiers and Henchmen 3 pack!

As part of the Hasbro Marvel Universe line, Toys R Us got this exclusive 3 pack of cannon fodder!

DiRT's Daily 13AUG2K9 - SDCC JLU Green Lantern 3-pack

We already know DiRT loves the Justice League Unlimited line of figures. But how much does he love the Green Lantern 3-pack?

DiRT's Daily 12AUG2K9 - SDCC Hot Wheels USS Enterprise

Hot Wheels does Star Trek?!

It Figures: The Toy and Action Figure Podcast! Episode 11

Pixel Dan and Scotty Cash run down their awesome trip to the Chicago Comic Con!

DiRT's Daily 10AUG2K9 - SDCC Captain America!

More San Diego Comic-Con goodness as DiRT turns his eye to the Marvel Universe Captain America SDCC Exclusive from Hasbro!

DiRT's Daily 06AUG2K9 - Cobra Vipers!

DiRT takes a look at the Neo Viper, Crimson Neo Viper, Ice Viper, Cobra Eel, Elite Viper, and the Cobra Viper Commando. He also explores what it means to be a Viper!

It Figures: The Toy and Action Figure Podcast! Episode 10

Pixel Dan, Devall, and Scotty Cash sit down to dicuss the new site, Devallís experiences in SDCC, and this weekends upcoming Chicago Conic Con!

DiRT's Daily 03AUG2K9 - Rescue Squad Mater

While DiRT may review a lot of toys, his son Phillip is the CARS expert. Sho what do this father and son duo think of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive set from Mattel?

DiRT's Daily 30JUL2K9 - Anti-Monitor

DiRT loves Inifnite Heroes, and despite one small design flaw, he also loves the SDCC Exclusive Anti-Monitor!

DiRT's Daily 29JUL2K9 - Destro

DiRT's taking a look at the awesome new Destro figure from GI Joe The Rise Of Cobra!

It Figures: The Toy and Action Figure Podcast! Episode 9

Pixel Dan goes it alone this week, talking about both what he liked and disliked from San Diego Comic Con 2009!

DiRT's Daily 28JUL2K9 - DCU Classics Battle for Earth 3 offers this EXCLUSIVE DCU Classics 2-pack featuring Earth-3's Ultraman and Alex Luthor from Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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