Awesome Find: Knock-Off Bomberman!

Pixel Dan has an all-new Awesome Find! Check out these crazy knock-offs he scored from a St. Louis dollar store!

SDCC '08 Exclusive TMNT Mouser 3-Pack by NECA

Pixel Dan's review of the San Diego Comic Con 2008 Exclusive TMNT Mouser 3-Pack from NECA!

DC Direct's JSA Starman

Pixel Dan got himself a JSA Starman figure from DC Direct! Check out his review at!

Pixel Dan Review: MOTU Vintage Loose Clamshell Cases

Our friends at sent us a few samples of their new Masters of the Universe Vintage Loose Figure Clamshell Cases for review! Pixel Dan has the lowdown on these much-needed collector pieces!

Sideshow's THE DEAD Subject 1025: The Babysitter

DiRT got his hands on this evil zombie figure from Sideshow's THE DEAD 12" line. How creepy is The Babysitter? Read his review at!

Beast, Colossus, and Iceman Figure Review

DiRT's review of the Beast, Colossus, and Iceman figures from Hasbro's Wolverine and the X-Men figure line has been posted at!


Pixel Dan is back from his honeymoon and already has an advance review of the Masters of the Universe Classics ZODAC!

APOCALYPSE Legendary Scale Bust

Devall was lucky enough to get ANOTHER legendary scale bust, so he put together this review of Apocalypse for!

Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Legendary Scale THOR Bust

Devall got his hands on this super expensive THOR bust from Sideshow and submitted a review to!

Mezco 3 & 3/4" Jason Voorhees

DiRT got his hands on the Toy Fair exclusive 3 & 3/4" Jason Voorhees and submitted his review for!

MOTU CLassics: Mer-Man!

Pixel Dan has a review of the awesome new Masters of the Universe Classics Mer-Man figure for!

DC Direct JLA Classified - BATMAN

Pixel Dan knocked out this review of the DC Direct JLA Classified - BATMAN for!

Sideshow's The Dead - SUBJECT 2221: The Harbinger

Pixel Dan got his hands on this awesome zombie figure from Sideshow Collectible’s The Dead line of figures, and knocked out a review for!

DC Direct 1:6th SUPERGIRL!

Devall takes a look at one of the best "dolls" I've seen in a long time! The DC Direct 1:6th SUPERGIRL for! Exclusive RAZOR CYLON

DiRT's review of the Exclusive Battlestar Galactica RAZOR CYLON has been posted at!

MOTU McDonald's Toys!

McDonald's had He-Man toys?! Were they any good? Check out Pixel Dan's video for the scoop!

MOTU Nordor Playset!

For those of you who actually watched The New Adventures of He-Man, you'll remember the Nordor playset that Pixel Dan reviews for us today. For the rest of you, your education in the "lost" He-Man begins today!

MattyCollector Gotham Criminals 4 Pack

DiRT chimes in with a toy review today, taking a look at the exclusive 4 pack of Gotham City Criminals from the Justice League Unlimited line!

NECA Assasin's Creed Altair Review

Pixel Dan has two awesome reviews today adding this review of the Assasin's Creed Altair figure from NECA!

NECA Gears of War Marcus Fenix Review

Thanks to our friends at The KA-RAZY Kings of Toys, Pixel Dan is back with this review of the Gears of Ware Marcus Fenix figure from NECA!

TMNT 25th Anniversary Wave 2 IN THE WILD!

Bebop, Rocksteady, April, and Splinter!

TMNT 25th Anniversary Figures!
Pixel Dan's latest video is a look
at the Teenage Mutant Ninja
25th Anniversary set
of figures!

Cinema of Fear Stylized 9" Jason Voorhees

In honor of today being Friday the 13th, DiRT has a review of Mezco's funky Jason Voorhees figure at!

Sideshow 12" Lara Croft
Pixel Dan's review of the 12" Lara Croft
doll from Sideshow Collectibles has
been posted at!


Pixel Dan sure loves him some NECA! He's back today with a review of their Player Select Ninja Gaiden 2 RYU HAYABUSA figure for!

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