Politikal Agenda's RAW vs iMPACT! Dec 14-17
WWE RAW vs. TNA Impact

---Submitted by: Politikal Agenda


It’s the second week of the Monday Night Conflict and WWE came out swinging with a special three hour Rawperview. Not to be outdone TNA featured the return of founder and golden boy Jeff Jarrett to Impact. Did the King of the Mountain tip the scales against? Were the Slammies an entertainment juggernaut? SPOILER ALERT!! No, they were both mostly pointless and added nothing to the their individual shows.


Wrestling Radio Episode 55 - FNS Rey vs Batista

Friday Night Smackdown gets Rey vs Batista in a great main event, plus a competent angle grows out of the “Piggy James” debacle?!

Wrestling Radio Episode 54

Dennis Miller hosts the 3-hour EPIC! MEGA! BOMBASTIC! Slammy Awards!*

*Actually, it sucked.

Politikal Agenda's look at TLC
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

---Submitted by: Politikal Agenda

On Sunday December 13, 2009 WWE made history with their ground breaking payperview TLC! …or so they would have you believe. If you’re like me, you’re wondering why the WWE would even try such a concept. They’ve never been known for extreme action and with the current push to present a more family friendly product (to the point Vince MacMahon has ordered matches stopped to clean up a wrestler’s cut) why would they promote such extreme and violent matches. Vince MacMahon has built a fortune by breaking rules and surpassing expectations, so perhaps we should let the show speak for itself.

Wrestling Radio Episode 53

WWE TLC is in the bag, and there's no T-Boz, Left Eye, or Chili to be found. You do have DX, Drew Mac, and Sheamus, though I doubt they can sing.

Politikal Agenda's RAW vs iMPACT!
WWE RAW vs. TNA Impact

---Submitted by: Politikal Agenda


Let me be clear in saying that in no way do I think TNA is competition for the WWE.  However on January 4th they plan to go head to head on a Monday night, with Hulk Hogan at the helm.  I thought this would then give a good occasion to start a comparison of the two companies, WWE’s flagship show versus TNA’s… well… only show.  This way we’ll be able to track the changes and trends that lead to victory or defeat in what I’m calling the Monday Night Conflict.

Wrestling Radio Episode 52

DiRT has your advance review of Friday Night Smackdown ready to go! What’s on the show tonight? Rey/Batista Street Fight! Hardy-Truth/Punk-Gallows! John Morrison as a Scottsman!? Mike Knox getting turned on by Kane?! Oh WTH?!

Wrestling Radio Episode 51

DiRT is joined once again by Politikal Agenda to discuss Monday Night Raw! Plus, Are the Monday Night Wars returning?

Wrestling Radio Episode 50

Smackdown is a pretty good start to building up the TLC PPV. I might actually care about Batista vs Undertaker this time. Oh yeah... and why is Festus acting like Snitsky?

Wrestling Radio Episode 49

Mini-Me on Monday Night Raw and no Little People's Court?!

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