Wrestling Radio Episode 48

It's a quick and dirty episode today as DiRT is trying to spend time with his family, but he takes a short time out to talk about tonight's Friday Night Smackdown!

Wrestling Radio Episode 47

DiRT is joined by contributor PolitikalAgenda to look at the very special 3 hour episode of Monday Night Raw! Itís an epic 1 hour and 15 minute episode of Wrestling Radio!

WWE Survivor Series 2009

Sunday night World Wrestling Entertainment presented their twenty-third annual Survivor Series pay per view.  The last of the Big Four (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam and Survivor Series) of 2009 did not disappoint!  I personally have never been a big fan of Survivor Series.  I often find the traditional Survivor Series matches (10 man elimination tag team bouts) to be jumbled, slow and boring.  However I was thoroughly entertained from top to bottom this year, and I think whether youíre a casual fan, an avid watcher, a mark, a smart mark, a smark or even a stuck up indy wrestler, youíd feel the same.  So Iím excited!  Letís get started with the break down.

Wrestling Radio Episode 46

Friday Night Smackdown has some great stuff tonight! Thereís also some incredibly mind-numbing insanity as well, but DiRT discusses both in today podcast.

Wrestling Radio Episode 45

Monday Night Raw + Rowdy Roddy Piper + Madison Square Gardens = WIN!.

Wrestling Radio Episode 44

For the first time, Jericho goes one on one with The Undertaker. ON FREE TV.

Wrestling Radio Episode 43

Monday Night RAW hosted by Ricky Fatton. What does that even mean?!

Wrestling Radio Episode 42

Friday Night Smackdown is pretty good, OK, decent, fine, pretty bad, ok, and not good. But which part is which?

Wrestling Radio Episode 41

Itís a Crazy Train on RAW as Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne hit the scene, but will the Prince of Darkness turn Monday Night into The Ultimate Sin?

Wrestling Radio Episode 40

In the aftermath of Bragging Rights, Halloween comes to Smackdown. But the real trick is finding something to brag aboutÖ

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