Wrestling Radio Episode 29

So in the aftermath of Bragging Rights, DX finds themselves in a storyline leading into the Survivor Series... with Hornswaggle?!

Wrestling Radio Episode 38

Was Bragging Rights anything to brag about?

Wrestling Radio Episode 37

Oh look! It's Team Smackdown! No wait... That's not Team Smackdown, is it? What the Heck?

Wrestling Radio Episode 36

Monday Night Raw with the D-O-Double-G!

Wrestling Radio Episode 35

Friday Night Smackdown is gearing up for Bragging Rights. Who is on the team?

Wrestling Radio Episode 34

RAW IS... Access Hollywood?! And while it's not great... it doesn't suck?!

Wrestling Radio Episode 33

Friday Night Smackdown makes DiRT happy! Even when itís not the greatest episode ever itís still the best.

Our Podcast host has been under attack by a Denial of Service attacker for a day or so. If you are having problems listening to the show, you can download the file here. WrestlingRadioEpisode33.mp3

Wrestling Radio Episode 32

So did Football Ben cement the upcoming PPV, WWE Bragging Rights? Or did the PPV get pushed at all?

Wrestling Radio Episode 31

WWE Hell in the Cell PPV was a well performed show, poorly executed by WWE management. What does that mean? Listen in and find out!

Wrestling Radio Episode 30

Smackdown is 10 years old! How do they celebrate? Michael Cole gets drunk! The Rock appears! R-Truth goes through a cake! What did you expect?

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