Wrestling Radio Episode 29

DiRT refused to watch Al Sharpton so he hits you with a quick recap from someone else, gives you some news, and then hits WrestleMania X-7, as requested, to make a 50 MINUTE SHOW!

Wrestling Radio Episode 28

Smackdown is solid, not fantastic, but you’ll probably still want to watch it anyway.

Wrestling Radio Episode 27

Cedric the Entertainer hosts RAW, but does he entertain DiRT?

Wrestling Radio Episode 26

An angle (not-Kurt) heavy episode of FNS brings the Undertaker face to face with Teddy Long and the return of “The Animal” Batista!

Wrestling Radio Episode 25

RAW + Batista + Trish Stratus = Competency!

Wrestling Radio Episode 24

Has DiRT’s love of wrestling been stretched beyond his BREAKING POINT?


Due to a number of factors, there will be no Smackdown podcast today. We will be back on Monday to discuss Breaking Point as planned. Thanks for your understanding.

Wrestling Radio Episode 23

The Price is RAW! It’s great and not so great all in one!

Wrestling Radio Episode 22


Wrestling Radio Episode 21

DiRT brings you some news updates from the world of pro wrestling and then takes a look at a “HOLY CRAP! THAT DIDN’T TOTALLY SUCK!” episode of Monday Night Raw.

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